‘Memory Lane Computers’ Suck

I found a message on my answering machine the other day from Don at Memory Lane Computers. Apparently he is upset that I have been using my address to post my “web portfolio” and he wants me to take it down. I guess it’s no big deal now that I have my new domain but it still somewhat ticks me off especially not only working there for those 3 or so years, but also because he was so rude about it on the phone; not to mention that I have been giving them business by sending my clients to them for hosting. But whatever — I’ve deleted it now and I don’t plan on looking back. But I probably will not purchase my next computer from them.

One reply on “‘Memory Lane Computers’ Suck”

Sorry Jeff I think Don was trying to clean up
the server. I don’t think he meant to come across
bad. Hope you and your family are doing well.

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