Happy April Fool’s Day!

I didn’t do any pranks this April 1st, but there’s always next year – not to mention the day is not over yet. If you’re curious read up on the Wikipedia’s entry about April Fool’s Day.

Important Fact About Yahoo News

When you read articles in the Yahoo Entertainment News & Gossip and gossip section about, say, the arrest of an insider trader from the future, it’s important to remember that the article may have originated in the Weekly World News. How was I supposed to know?


I signed up for another year at the U of L today. I’m taking 5 courses this fall which is a nice increase from the 4 I took this Spring. Maybe the fact that I am only in four classes is related to the fact that I my GPA is through the roof! Or maybe it’s because Art Teachers give easy grades. Easy? As if! I worked extremely hard for my grades, and I think it’s pretty obvious that I am one of the best in the class, even if I am only enrolled in four classes.

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