The First Issue of Nintendo Power

The other night when I was in Medicine Hat with Anna, I spent about 15 or 20 minutes playing the original Nintendo Entertainment System with her brother Josh. It brought back a flood of memories about stomping on the evil mushroom kingdom turtles, and searching for the Triforce or even for Zelda herself not to mention the endless possibilites of Excitebike where you could design your own levels! Anyway it just so turns out that today I discovered a webpage dedicated to the 1st issue of Nintendo power. I really had to laugh about this:

From the page:

“Ah, the famous ‘1-Up Trick’ from Super Mario Brothers, something with which I had a success rate of .0007% in accomplishing. It’s not that I didn’t know how to do it – the information was right there in front of me. Still, for whatever reason, I could never seem to pull it off. I’d get that first Koopa turtle out of the way, and when the fabled second Koopa made his trek down the brick mountain, I’d always [screw] up and somehow kill Mario. You know the music that played whenever Mario lost one of his lives? Well, and I swear this is true – it got to the point where that music would play as soon as I got up to that second turtle. The game became so confident that I was gonna die again that it’d roll out with the theme prematurely just to spite and shame me.

I really hated that stupid Koopa turtle. The second one, I mean. The first one was just doing his job. The second one was mean to me.”

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