Roommate Insanity

Anna and I bought Pizza and had a good time eating it while watching an old video that Scott had laying around, “Cocktail”. Well I was pretty confident that after talking so sternly to Jason (the 18 year old roommate) about eating and drinking my food that the pizza would be okay in the fridge. All I can say is – at least he didn’t eat the whole thing. Anyway he still hasn’t paid the rent for this month (just half and only today did I get that much) and so I still haven’t told him that I’m kicking him out. I figure I’d better at least collect the rent so that I do indeed get paid. I suppose I could always take it out of his damage deposit – just so long as he doesn’t wreck anything before he’s gone. Speaking of wrecking things – now you may think I’m overreacting, but someone (probably Jason because he’s the only one around and the only one that would do this) anyway someone took a permanent marker and drew a small line about 1 cm on the front of my computer. Why would someone do this? Why would anyone think that the front of a computer is a place to draw a small black line? I spent the last 10 minutes scrubbing at it and now it’s barely noticeable. I’m glad I discovered it today and not a few weeks from now when it had really set in. The thing is now, I don’t even want to talk to him about it because for one, I am sick of making him feel bad, number two I don’t even know if he did it and I don’t want to constantly be accusing the guy of all these nitpicky things and yet I feel violated by him all of the time. I guess it’s time I put the computer in my own room and said – sorry Jason, you can use the Pentium 130 if you need to check your email. Well now that I have vented all my frustration I feel like I should finish my laundry, go upstairs, and make something to eat.

P.S. Happy Birthday Gary (I know it’s tomorrow but I don’t want to take the chance and forget to post)

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