Dad Comes to Lethbridge

Dad visited me today and now he’s gone. I was supposed to fix his computer but it seemed to be working fine when he brought it here, so I don’t know what the problem was or is, but I suspect he will still not have his internet working when he gets home. Something with either his ISP or the router. Hopefully I’ll be able to help them over the phone.

Anyway while he was here, he took Anna-Maria and me to Pizza Hut for all you can eat pizza! He also made me a nice loaf of bread in the bread-maker. I guess the problem I was having with it had to do with substituting butter for shortening. He substituted some vegetable oil because I don’t have margerine or crisco and it seems to have made a really nice loaf. I love fresh bread.

I hope you had a happy birthday Gary, and I hope you are enjoying your vacation in BC.

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