And the Job Hunt Goes On

When I got up this morning and was just getting ready to head over to the Fritz Sick pool to apply for a job. When I went into the living room I discovered my roommate and his girlfriend each asleep on one of the couches. “Hmmm, this is strange,” I thought to myself but then thought well whatever they must have just fallen asleep when they were hanging out and it got too late or something. Anyway I tried to be quiet and as I was slipping out of the house my roommate says to me, “Hey Jeff, I locked myself out of my room, do you know how to get back in?” It just so happens the door knob on that one particular room is broken and if you lock it, you have to be on the inside to unlock it. Anyway sure enough he was locked out. I was running late on dropping of my resume so after a quick look at it I told him that I would take another crack at it when I got back. When I got back I thought I’m really going to have to do something major like saw off that doorknob or something. Before I did anything drastic I just took my needle nose pliers (yes the ones that I brought from Canadian Tire so recently) and worked away at it. Next thing I know, viola – a small violin, err um I mean Open Sesame the door was unlocked. Hopefully I get that job working for the Y (at the Fritz Sick), because opening doors while a handy skill doesn’t seem to be doing much for me in the way of cashola.

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