New Washer and Dryer

Sorry to hear about your bad luck Gary and Tracie. I, on the other hand, have had some pretty good luck lately. No, I haven’t gotten a summer job yet, but I did finally get the new washer and dryer working. I would have loved to get them going a long time ago, but it was more complicated than just unplugging the old ones and plugging in the new ones. For one thing the old dryer was “hard wired” into the house. That meant that I would have to either hard wire this new one too, or install a new high voltage outlet. Well I finally put that new saw to use and as well Anna’s drill. But there are always a million things you never think about until you actually start on a project. I had to drill out holes for the screws, and how was I supposed to know how big to make the holes? Well to make a long story short I finally got the new washer and dryer working! Oh and I found someone’s panties behind the old washer; yes they were dirty from being worn – YUCK!!!!!!!!!

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