Lawnmower If You’re Reading This, Please Come Home

I went to the police station and filed a report. It looks like the purpose of the report is just so that in the event that I find the mower in a pawn shop or second hand store I can say, “Um hey! That’s my mower and I have this peice of paper as proof”. I went around to pawn shops this morning and came up empty handed. As far as paying with a credit card and having some sort of theft protection goes, I used my Sears card which I found out does not give you any kind of insurance on your purchase. I only even used it to get the points so I wouldn’t have paid with my visa anyway. Maybe I should start… Well, I suppose the sooner I forget about it the sooner I can stop feeling bad about it. As I explained to Anna-Maria, it could have been a lot worse – like they could have actually robbed something from inside the house or perhaps a car accident or something. You’ve got to keep it in perspective, at least nobody died.

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