House Situation Update

My house is doing pretty good. Slowly but surely I’m getting everything fixed up. I still don’t have my own lawnmower, and yes the grass is getting pretty long, oh and I still have a roommate that eats a lot of my food despite my protests. He is, however, moving out at the end of the month, and so far my plan is to take in these two new roommates that I talked about earlier. One of them wants to get Tenant Insurance, but I think he’s a little over-zealous because there isn’t much point in us both paying insurance but maybe there is, I don’t know. For sure they don’t need to know about the condition of the shingles, but he did ask so that he could tell his insurance company. Anyway I need to find out exactly what I need to do about insurance because it looks like he wants something more than what I have (he doesn’t even know what I have – I’m not sure I really do either except that it’s a rip-off job).

I went to find out about refinancing my mortgage. I guess with the super low rates today re-mortgaging will pay for itself in about 8 months. Really, I suppose I should go for it. I just need to find out the exact details of how much they will charge me to buy out the mortgage and if they will even allow me to buy it out without selling the house. I talked to one lady at TD and she said I could payout a lump payment up to 15% without penalties and then paying out the rest would cost approximately 3 month’s interest – which as far as I can figure is about $1600. That’s amazing eh? Anyway paying the same amount on the mortgage with the lower rate will mean it will be paid off in 13 years.

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