Jeff Milner Movie Review – 8 Mile

If I recall correctly, actually if Anna recalls correctly, she remembers the critics giving rave reviews to 8 Mile. Frankly, if that’s true, all I can ask is what were they thinking?

I got into the movie a few minutes after it started but I don’t think I would have missed much had I come into the movie with only a few minutes left. Nothing really happens, there is the romance that doesn’t go anywhere, the family crisis of being out of money that is only temporarily resolved when the mother wins bingo and the case of the unresolved record contract.

Nothing happens in this movie.

The climax was a “rap battle” in which contestants insult each other while rapping. What a stupid idea for a movie. The best part was in the special features (Anna loves special feature DVD’s). In the special features they go behind the scenes to the filming of the movie and Eminem does some rap battling against some of the extras. He was actually quite good – but honestly a real documentary of his life would have been tremendously more interesting.

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