Jeff Milner Movie Review – The Pirates of the Caribbean

While in Disneyland Anna and I took in the pirates twice, once in the theatre and once, of course, in the Disneyland park.

We missed seeing the premiere held right in Disneyland by a couple of days. However there was still such a great atmosphere to see that movie! For one thing most everyone in that theatre is on vacation. They are there to have a good time, and a good time we had! When the movie started the audience responded with applause and cheering, and as each actor made their debut appearance in the show, again the sound of an appreciative audience filled the theatre.

The thing about clapping in a show is – while it may seem really out of place in a place like Lethbridge or Medicine Hat, seeing a movie like Pirates right in Downtown Disney felt like we should applaud, like it would have been rude of us not to show our appreciation. I remember the first time I ever went to a show where the audience clapped was in Manhattan at the biggest theatre in the city. It was the opening night of “Lost in Space” and the crowd there was electric. There’s a pretty good chance that the actors in the movie were there that night because we had just been to the taping of Dave Letterman where Mimi Rogers was on the show promoting this movie, and since it was opening night it would make sense that she would have been with us in that theatre. Anyway despite Lost in Space being a truly horribly crappy movie I’ll always hold a certain fondness for it in my heart because of the memories associated with seeing it in that atmosphere.

Back to Pirates of the Caribbean. The thing to remember about this movie is that its main motivation is a ride that opened in 1967. The storyline does require you to suspend your belief in reality and may result in a disappointment for some but the Disney-ness factor of the movie will win out overall, if you let it. I can’t give my highest recommendation for this movie, because honestly it could have been better, but I by no means give it two thumbs down. I think it’s a pretty good show that deserves at least a Matinée viewing if not a full fledged night time $9.00 US viewing (but I only recommend paying $9 if you are in Downtown Disney). My thumbs are definitely higher than Dads.

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