On the Road Again…

I got up early this morning and headed for Medicine Hat. Mom really wanted me to fix up her computer which, as you can probably guess since I’m posting this from Medicine Hat, is working fine.

I did talk her into buying a new 10/100mbps network card that is noticeably faster than the 10 mbps card they were using previously. I recommend upgrading if you are still using a slow one. The new cards cost about $20 but I they are totally worth it.

So in case you are curious all I really had to do was uninstall the newest version Kazaa, some virus software called bullguard (which by the way was the main problem) and I think something called mynet or mysearch, I’m not exactly sure what it was but I guess you collected points by using it or something and I was like, “No, this is not right”.

So now that’s they are gone the computer is running as smoothly as ever. Perhaps I’ll give Anna-Maria a call or maybe I’ll just chill here for a while watching TV. Either way, I’m planning on staying over night in the Hat and driving back to Lethbridge tomorrow before 3. The survey place has me scheduled to work all night Sunday, and frankly I’m beginning to think about quitting that job. I guess I should just think about how I’m in a tight spot for money what with my impulse trip to Disneyland and all. (So worth it by the way — still no regrets whatsoever!) Speaking of Disneyland, still no word on whether Anna has decided to take the job or not. She is moving however, she’s already packed up her house and the landlord has been showing it to potential tenants.

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