The Plan as I Know It

Anna is going to be leaving for Utah soon. I actually don’t know how long she will stay in Lethbridge before she actually leaves. School is almost done for me – and frankly I should be getting my last assignments done right now instead of writing on this blog. Anyway assuming I can find someone to cover me at work I will be leaving on about the 9th or 10th of December. I’m driving down to Utah, hanging out with Anna and her family for a couple of days and then… it’s off to Disneyland. I’m so – SO excited. REALLY.

Anna bought us 5 day hopper passes which for those of you that don’t know, means that we can go to either of the 2 parks as much as we want for 5 great days. Disneyland is just so much fun.

My cousin JP said we could stay at his place, so we’ll likely be staying there for the duration. I am still wondering if we should take in the sites at Universal and perhaps spend a day or two at the beach. California is so fun.

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