Blog Lurking

I was browsing Blogger’s 10 most recently updated blogs this afternoon and I came across some random post that made me want to comment. At first I thought well, this person doesn’t really have anyone else commenting, and I don’t even know them. Also I’d be the only one commenting and just feel like I was throwing myself into their world uninvited. I also started thinking about whether I would want to leave my name there, or just post anonymously.

As you can tell, I haven’t put too much thought into this but I considered the fact that since I put up the comments two days ago I’ve only had 1 person leave a comment and he left that anonymously. His post wasn’t exactly astute, but did I mind? No absolutely not in fact I wish more people would post comments – assuming the comments are related to the post anyway. So here it is, an open invitation for metacomments – that is to say comments about comments. (Alternatively you can comment about the new word I just made up, “metacomment”.) Enough rambling. Please comment. Really.

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