Another 3 Gmail Accounts to Give Away!

As I stated in an earlier post, I’m going to continue to give out gmail accounts to those interested parties that comment with reasons why they deserve the account. Don’t be shy, even crappy reasoning can win you a Gmail account. Also please note that last time I had more demand than accounts, but instead of going back and just giving them the accounts, they are free to post again and be re-entered into my contest.

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Hey Jeff,

I am sure you are undergoing an anxiety attack, holding onto your cool. You really want to put the word out that you have some and surely you like to give these away as fast as you can.

I think I deserve one of these, since I am saving you from having to do "nothing" with these invites. You will eventually be sending it somewhere. So why not me.

p.s. If you have extra, one for my wife, please.

thanks much!

irfanzia @ nospam yahoo dot com

Hey Jeff I'd like some Gmail,
I'll do a song and dance,
And if that isn't good enough
I'll let you date my aunts!

I, Calgarian, Farker #21552, proprietor of, and voracious Googler kindly request some Gmail, sir!! I will extol your virtues to the masses! Yea verily, I will deify you!

I think I already posted a detailed comment. Somehow it's not showing up and I can't recreate my prose. I hope to get one of those invites. Mail me (my wife) at arshee AT yahoo DOT com.




I would really love (not like:) an invite because I don't know anyone from Hawaii who has Gmail yet. Not one:( It seems everbody who is using it is from the coasts or somewhere in the middle. I think it is useful to have beta testers come from different backgrounds.

email–> jgarrity (at) hawaii (dot) edu

Well have a good one…and Mahalo!

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