Jeff Milner’s Gmail Account Giveaway!

I’ve given away all of this round’s Gmail invites. This time I only had 3 people post comments so I gave all 3 accounts to them. Don’t worry if you are just learning about my contest now, there will be another one as soon as I get some more invites. It’s also more like begging than a contest — so it’s not that hard. Also you could continue to beg in the comments of this post because I know for a fact that Anna-Maria and a few other of my friends have invites and most likely no one to give them too – it’s a shame when invites go to waste. They read this site often, so you could try. No guarantees of course. Oh and in the future all posts asking for Gmail accounts must include a first and last name.

Update June 16, 2004: Actually the next round of Jeff Milner’s Gmail Account Giveaway will be more like a contest than begging. Though begging helps. Just to give you a taste of things to come – having a blog helps, and it’s going to involve poetry.

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Hi! I saw your comment on "Gmail 4 U" and thought I just had to come here and give it a try. Hopefully one of your friends with extra invites will read this and be so kind as to extend an invitation to me.

I really really really would love a Gmail acount and for the past few days have always just been a *little* too late. I've found out friends have *just* used all of their invites right before I got around to asking them. Or I've discovered a new Gmail giveaway site (such as this) right after a- all the invites are gone, or b- the entire population of Gmail seeking internet users have discovered it.

So, I am just about tired of my search for a Gmail invite and just wish some kind person would send me an invite already! I'll repay this kindness using the "pay it forward" approach and give all of my invites out to others such as myself who are desperately seeking invites.

Please! Please!

Julia West, ohjulia AT bonbon DOT net

Hey there,

I'd love an evite! PLEASE! Ok..I don't want to beg, but I would really love one!

Deana Flores
deana at

Hello Jeff,
I'd like to take up on your offer, hopefully one of your friends has a few extra invites to spare.
I've been looking around for gmails and this seems the most likely place to get them, it isn't swamped yet with other saps like me :D
It's great that people are willing to do stuff free like this when others are trying to rip people off on ebay.
Thanks so much,
Chris Newhouse – xtraverse (a|T) spatang d0t com

It is I, No Shame. One of the others to get a gmail account off this man. He is truly benevolent and deserving of one happy dance which I am currently doing.

Anyways thanks alot because I had been looking for a gmail for a while and once I get some invites I will maybe offer some of them up here in the future

I've searched high and low for a Gmail invite, to no avail, my friends have given their invites to their "family" and loved ones choosing DNA and canoodling over friendship and a pack of strawberry Twizzlers, well "bah!" to them I say.

Anyway, yes, I am begging for an invite, please I don't have friends anymore, not since yesterday at least when I said "bah!" to them, or until I get my car out of impound. I will pass any invites I receive on of course, and will write all about in on my website.

Thanks for your consideration,
CJ Castillo

Hummmmm gmaillll account. Need some sweet sweet gmail.

If Homer was a google fanatic.

I am, any chance of an invite?

Thank you so much for the invite Jeff! You've made my geekchic dream of having a gmail account come true. Horray!

Julia (juliamae AT gmail DOT com)

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