This Blog is Moving

I’m not exactly sure of the date but soon this blog will be moving. My parents were having trouble with their Internet connection a couple of weeks ago. My mom took her computer to Memory Lane (the place where this blog is hosted) and they said the Internet was working fine. They did reinstall her copy of Windows 2000 and charged her $80 for it, but it turns out the reason the Internet stopped working was because they shut her down on their end. I’m not exactly sure of the reason, but they said she was connecting through some test lines not meant for the public and they were suspicious that because I had once worked at Memory Lane that maybe I knew how to hook up to those private lines giving them a faster connection. Well I have to say they’ve hit a new low accusing me like that (they did state that, “We’re not accusing anyone of anything”). Yeah right.

Anyway they did refund her for the 3 weeks of Internet that she was disconnected from but she is too shy to ask for her $80 back that she would have saved if her Internet had not been shut down. I told her to email and tell him why she has decided to leave them for Telus but I guess she’ll just take her business (and the rest of our friends and families’ business) elsewhere. It’s so weird because I used to work there and can’t understand what has happened to them over the years that they would turn into a dishonest operation.

Anyway as a result of her switching service providers I’m going to be hosting my blog over at Telus now. The new address is Who knows if I’ll bother to transfer the photos too.

I should really use this as an excuse to get my own domain name, but alas I guess I’m too lazy or too poor or both.

Update: I’ve now moved my site to

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