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Because of my , I’ve been getting a lot of emails with requests for other songs that have backwards messages as well people sending me lists of songs that apparently have just that. Here are some excerpts (for those of you that care).

  • Cradle of Flith – “Dinner at Deviant’s Palace” When played backwards, you hear the lord’s prayer
  • Missy Elliot’s song – ‘Work It’
  • The song Karate by Tenacious D. At the end reverse the last word he says and it says, “donkey crap” quite clearly.
  • Led Zeppelin – Stairway to heaven
    In the end of the song there is an inverted message which goes something like this:
    “Because I serve Satan, God denies my and there is no escape” (I’m not sure about the exact words, because this was never played on that cassette; they only told that it existed).
  • Styx – Snowblind
    A inverted part:
    “Satan is moving our voices”
  • The Beatles – Number nine
    “Let me out, let me out, let me out” and then continues: “Turn me on dead men” or “let me under men”, in the cassette that was described as a suicide message or something like that =).
  • And something else funny: if you found a .mp3 where the crowd is calling kiss back like “kiss kiss kiss, kiss kiss kiss”, it sounds backwards 666, 666 etc.
  • ELO – Eldorado
    There is a part which goes inverted like this: ‘He is nasty one, Christ your infernal’.
  • ELO – Fire and High
    There is some babble which is inverted: ‘The music is reversible, but time is not, turn back, turn back, turn back’.

And along those lines another email message goes into that last one more specifically:

“Hey man, I really dig the site dedicated to backwards messages in songs. I was spinning Face the Music by ELO, and i found another hidden message. In the first track, Fire on High, during the halleluia chorus part in the intro, there is jumbled speaking, meant to sound freaky. If you spin the album backwards, it says ‘Turn back now. Turn back now. The music is reversible.'”

And to finish off someone commented about one of the song clips I have on my site.

“I think that your clip of John Lennon’s Imagine, when reversed, actually
says, ‘Oh Beezelbub. Must have me.'”

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i know of another song with backplay like this. in the song "stay together for the kids" by blink-182, in the beginning there's a short part that sounds like screwed up feedback from the cd player, i can't remember what it's supposed to say backwards but it's something like the "empty spaces" one where it's something like "congrats on figuring this out motherfucker". yea and by the way this site is pretty cool.

"Darling Nikki"

Many more hidden messages can be found at:

"Darling Nikki," cited as porn rock before Congress, is about a dominatrix in a hotel lobby masturbating with a magazine. In part, the complaint was that the album cover (flowers, and Prince on a motorcycle) wasn't explicit enough to warn kids of the suggestive
lyrics. Senator Paula Hawkins apparently was not aware of a backward message hidden in "Darling Nikki." The last thirty-five seconds of the song is gibberish. The music changes abruptly and becomes a repeated glottal sound. Then a two-syllable sound is repeated twice, something like "heaven, heaven." Unintelligible
speech follows. At the end is a sound reminiscent of rain or bacon frying , and wind sounds.

Played backward, the message becomes:

Hello, how are you?
I'm fine 'cause I know that the Lord is coming soon.
Coming, coming soon.

It is clearly Prince and the Revolution singing this. The words are clear but the intonation is funny — the linger on some words. Perhaps this is to make the reversed message you hear playing the record normally a little less conspicuous.

This is a weird reversal of the supposed secret message menace. Raunchy forward lyrics conceal a religious secret message.

For Revolution No. 9 by The Beatles they accually say Turn me on Dead man, which they probably put in there purposly due to the Paul is dead rumor (same with I'm So tired.)


Dear Jeff. I have been veiwing your site for a while now (mainly the backmasking) and noticed Tenacious D's album had a song which appeard to have a backmask at the end of one song, as I have a copied album I didint know the song but your site has it now anyway. Another I noticed was Slipknots 'Before I forget' As the song ends somthing new plays which is a load of whispering, faintmusic and beeping. I thought you would be the person to come to on this and check out the whispering and see if the beeping is morse code?

Thank you

Hey Jeff
Nice site.

I was thinking about, maybe you will rewind or "findout" if this is right, HIM – I'ts all tears, backwards, about in the middel of the song, theres beeing said 666,666,666 very fast.

And Blink 182 – Feeling this, in the start, a man says something, i don't know. And at the end of the song, the 3 last "couriuos" or what ever it's called, I'm from Denmark. Backwards, first of all It sounds fucking cool, but it sounds like he is saying something, Mark. And ofcource stay together for the kids, can you rewind them, something I'dont know.

Lyng aka DC21

Dear Vaughn Willenbeger,
You musn't also forget the literal meaning of the song. The band hired a woman to build/rebuild a stairway up to the attic of thier house. The door of the attic had a "keep out" sign on it. "There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure." The attic room was believed to be a place where they kept all thier guitars and instruments, but later it was found out it was used a place of worship. Jimmy Page is also strongly considered a satanic worshiper.

P.S. – All of your secret meanings of the song arent even actually your own interpretations asshole, theyve been around.

I love the site man….but not to be disrespectful or anything…. some of the messages arent put there intentionally…..i recorded my self saying some of things and when reversed it says the same thing….its a really cool site tho….but i do know some songs that do have hidden messages such as Makavelis cd….The 7 day theory……love the site tho! its one of the coolest sites ive seen in years….any of yall who wana chat my aim name is duducks7 and my email is

chack out the end of Interlude (PSA) track 10 on the black album by jay-z theres a voice like "lelbum noar the black album"
ill try to play it backwards soon

HI jeff,me and my friend got ur site from a friend on the net and we have a tape,its not a song or anything like that but,its not a fake either.About 3 years ago me and my parents were watchin a movie on tv and were recording a show on my tv upstairs,after the movie was over i went upstairs and got the tape.When i put it in the vcr and it started playing,but the shows sound wasnt there.The picture was there but instead there was a really deep voice speaking some sort of gibberish,and there was a real deep low playing music in the background,like the instruments werent tuned,there were doors slamming and the sound of chains being graged,srry bout the spellin,on the floor.Im 12 and it made every single hair on my body stand up,we know are house is haunted but,we've never heard anythin like dis.The first thing i said was maybe u have to play it backwards to know what its sayin,but we dont know how to.If u could email me back on this,or any1 else who knows how to and would like to try,my email is,thnx for listening

Very cool man!
I've tried a couple of songs and I found a nice song:
Linkin Park – Standing in the Middle…

…I'm standing in the Middle…

…Alive Maniacs…


when i first read Cavoosey's post i thought he was joking. first thing i can hardly stand French people and i cant speak a bit of french. Even i knew what the chick was saying on Public Service Announcement. She says "Le Album Noir"…Or "The Black Album"….ignorant american

First of all, hello everyone! I'm sorry if i'll make some gramar mistakes but my english isn't so good.

A few days ago I've been listening to Britney Spears – Oops I did it again and since I saw on this site that she had a funny message on "Hit Me Baby One More Time" I've thought I can find some messages in that song too. Guess what? I did. It seems that played backwards, through out the song "I'm login Satan" is song and, at 1:12 (inverted song) something like "Satan is an enemy of Christ" is played.

Me and my freind sang hit me baby one more time into the mic played it backwards and it seemed to say "we got stoned but we didn't mean it" and if anyone wants to hear it i still have the file saved on my puter

Hair of the Dog by Nazareth – they sing "now you're messin' with — a sonofabitch" over and over which sounds a lot like "same old lies" over and over.

Jeff, now that you've gotten some exposure on G4TV to re-ignite the controversies, here's a funny one:

"Weird Al" Yankovic decided to capitalize on the backmacking craze as well, in a song called "Nature Trail To Hell (in 3-d)". During a violin solo in the piece, you hear unintelligible sounds which, when played backward, says "Satan eats Cheez Whiz" in a really sneering tone.

also werid al's song antherone catches the bus sound like oral sex and say the same message about marjaina but is more warped

Is there any song by Evanescense that has a backwards message, my friend is a huge fan of Evanescens, but he also likes to play stuff backwards because he likes to "crak codes". I just want him to know that there is a backwards message if there is any.

There's also a message in the live version of "Lake of Fire" that Nirvana did (a cover of the Meat Puppets), when played in reverse, theres a spot that says "The lord has given us christ and he is here to keep us from satans sin". Also, if you play Pantera's "Cemetary Gates" backwards at the part that says "I must reverse my life, I cannot live in the past", it comes out "I love satan so much"

hey i got quite a few well 3
black dog, heartbreaker and walk this way
black dog goes at 1 point near the begining "there was a magistate said get on your wheels get on your way"

heatbreaker is somehow black dog which is quite puzzling

walk this way is "ooh my saten" or something satanic

i just discoverd that if you play aerosmith walk this way on guitar backwars its the same tune as enter the sandman

Hey you should really check the Chicago song from little nicky, its probably not true but if it mis, I'm gonna cry out of laughter.

I think I found a backwards message
in the System of a Down song called bounce the one ware he talks about a pogo stick.Near the end of the song it plays soft eerie
music then you hear the guy speaking gibberish.
I cant figure out what it says because i dont know how to play songs backwards.

Cheap Tricks song, "I WANT YOU TO WANT ME". (Studio version). During the breakdown of the song, You can slow down the speed of the song, and hear what sounds like "The Lord's Prayer", but not in correct text. Sounds like he's mocking the prayer.

In Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" When The line,
Now the time is here for Iron Man to spread fear
is reversed
It says
And there's always the master, the one.
It's cool and I'm surprised no one else has found it

In the song "Enter Sandman" by Metallica, go to any part in the song where the lyrics "exit light" are. Now reverse it. Ironically enough, when reversed, you can clearly hear "Endless Day" being sang in the same style as "Exit light" at that part. Also, go to the part where it says "Enter night". Reversed, you can hear clearly "It's me, I know it's me." No real signifigance, but it's there.

In Led Zepplins "The Battle of Evermore" about half way through, you can hear VERY undeniably, "I am a Bible, please Spit on me, so funny." I even tested it by asking my friends to listen, and they came to the same conclusions. I think this would be cool to see on the site. Thanks for your time,


Jimmy paige is my idle and half of my wants to beleive that it was accedental and the unconcious mind is speaking to us but the other half of me wants to think that he put this in there on purpose. I also heard that in a live version of the song in 1976, there is verse of the song backwards that says. forgive me lord, forgive me lord, forgive me lord. How could this be considered satanic. It is a stairway to heaven not a stairway to hell. or somthing like that.

And any one who cant figure out how to play things backward I will tell you. It really helps if the file is saved as a wav. I have found it easiest to use a program called audacity and ues effects reverse, but if you dont have that and most don't you can open the wav file in sound recorder under accessories entertainment at the start menu. I have found either of these to work greatly. Using this I have found some messages that most havent. Such as right before the whole satanic thing it says there's no escaping it and plaaaay backward hear words sung. Also in God Called in Sick Today by AFI it says its not my fault its not my fault, you cant make me do it.

Yeah, theres definently something in Eiffel65 song's, but you can never interperet into anything or I can never get my hands on any good .wav files for those. I dont own the disc, I got a select number of tracks from the free napster days. And for another one of the blog comments on here, I dont think there was ever a song by Linkin Park titled "Standing in the Middle". I've checked Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, Collision Course, and Meteora. No song titled that is found.

Also, there is definently something in the end of "The Red" by Chevelle where it just sounds like he countinuously shouts "piss like you" or something like that.

Finally, theres also something in N*Sync's "pop" where you ca nclearly hear them say "you suck stick".

So there you go, hope it helped.

Well keep in mind that Linkin Park used to be called Hybrid Theory, and they have an album under that name (a lot of the songs on Reanimation came from it-"High Voltage"/"My December".) On LP's first album the song "Pushing Me Away" definitely says:

"Pull the knife out"
"Everyone avenges you,cut the skin"
"Cut the sin"
"Releasing what I feel inside… good news, you're dead…"

Very scary indeed. There goes their soccer mom image!
It seems like Taking Back Sunday has some subliminals in it too, but I had a hard time listening because it was a recording on Windows Sound Recorder from an external CD player, and it was an emulated copy of Windows 98 on an old iMac. I think "You Know How I Do" says something about "It's obvious, it is over". Maybe I should reverse all the tracks and overlay them, because they all seem to have similar messages.
On Incubus' A Crow left of the Murder the song "Smile Lines" in reverse sounds like:

"Free someone…stab them in the heart…(free them from the love?)"

I listened to this song forward once before I even knew about subliminals and I got kinda depressed and irritable and I actually did want to stab and kill someone, which is really f'ed up.

I think the song "A Crow Left of the Murder" talks about nerds and cutting yourself…I think it does, at least…
Marilyn Manson's song "Doll Dagga Buzz-Buzz" is completely new song in reverse. Of course, it makes very little sense forwards, the lyrics are kinda senseless and stupid. The reverse lyrics, however, have a very consistent meaning-hookers are Satan's workers. I only can figure the lyrics for the first half of the song on my own, the last 2 or 3 verses I can't make out. They sound religious though ("…my sweet lord…"):

Yeah, Satan does work all night
Yeah, Satan, he sucks on everyone -(x5)
Well somehow I don't get it, somehow I…wait…
Slut, ignite the fire…wait…
Stake out the fire…
Well somehow he…and somehow he…
wait…slut, ignite the fire…
Wait…Stake out the fire
Screwing everyone is your
Screwing everyone…
Ohh…everybody wants someone else
Lay your slit on the floor
Lay your pussy on the floor (x2)
Yeah, Satan does work all night
Yeah, Satan, he sucks on everyone

Then the verses I can't make out come in, punctuated by the chorus and "screwing everone is your way" parts.

I did this on an old iMac with Quicktime. I put the marker at the end of the song and hit the
apple + arrow keys to play in reverse.

Someone needs to rig a turntable and listen to these songs in reverse on vinyl. It would work so much better than CD quality digital.

Ok, if u listen to Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk, within the 1st sixty seconds of playing it bacwards you can slightly hear "Gotta get the girl next door", it's crazy!

First of all, very nice site. I enjoyed it very much. I only have one comment to the people thinking that Backmasking can influence the listener… it can not. It is impossible to feel a certain way or wanting to do a certain thing because something is said/sung backwards. (If it is sung in a normal way, would you do it then?) If it could influence people, everything we said to eachother could do harm, even your mother saying that your eggs are ready. (Please look beyond my bad spelling and grammar)
Greetings San

Uhh.. To brandflakes, I notised that not too long ago… it seams there are other parts to it that song like: 'Erva take your cloths off. Erva and Milo'(I didnt hear the whole song though… I went to a different site and found a link to the reversed part of that song)

I found a new one. eminem's under the influence. in the 5:10 min to 5:17 min range on the song being reversed it says "cuz im the one who you think is not gon' sing for you slim shady,shady, shady. It's fake" it says all that including the it's fake part.

tell me if you would like my hear my backmasked song. i was just going through songs on my computer and said hey that might be a good one becasue of the mumbles. i use wavepad to do this. go ahead try this for yourself. jsut send me an e mail saying you want to hear it and i will send the file with the lyrics i think it is and the time area you need to hear by using select region feature.

there are alot of key words playing stairway to heaven even forward like "somtimes our thoughts are misgiven" and the word piper commonly used as a slang term for the devil is used alot."And it's whispered that soon, if we all call the tune
Then the piper will lead us to reason" and "Your head is humming and it won't go because you don't know
The piper's calling you to join him"

Also try backmasking some jim morrison stuff I would bet you find somthing

on the song hit me baby one more time Britany spears at the point 2:25 – 2:19 played backwords it says "listen up …woooowoww immmmmm ugly" then shortly after at point 2:11 -1:46 it says" i was a slut yes yes baby i baby i was baby i was….. sleep with me im not to young." listin to it and check it out and tell me if u hear the same thing.

on the song hit me baby one more time Britany spears at the point 2:25 – 2:19 played backwords it says "listen up …woooowoww immmmmm ugly" then shortly after at point 2:11 -1:46 it says" i was a slut yes yes baby i baby i was baby i was….. sleep with me im not to young." listin to it and check it out and tell me if u hear the same thing.

Okay, in the song Crawling by Linkin Park. I used the method you said you used and recorded the minute into the song HE STARTED SINGING. Remember that. Click the record button when you hear Chester JUST START SINGING. I can't tell you the times. Also, listen to full minute. This is ALSO IMPORTANT.

Anyway, what to look for is this:

Something like, "Please believe me"
Something like, "Feeling Woozy" right after that.
And something like, "It is not my fault"

You do all the hard work after that. These, however, seem to have been done on purpose. Other then "Feeling Woozy", it's all on the same subject in a way. He's telling someone it isn't his fault and asking them to believe him.

I have played the pushing me away remix backward and found something!

Same with the other thing. Start recording EXACTLY when you hear singing. Or the second before. Which ever you like.

Instead of speaking backward, in one part, Shinoda is STILL saying some of his verses.

I'm not sure if it's at the moment he's saying them, but it's these two:

(Everything falls apart, even the people who never frown eventually break down)

(Everything has to end, you'll soon find, we're outta time, left to watch it all unwind)

You CANNOT miss them. This was probably also placed in there on purpose.

What you call backward message is in short pure bullshit! YOU WANT REAL BACKWARD MESSAGES??? LOOK AT VENOM! Venom made no bones about the fact that they put backward messages on some songs! Like the song In a League with Satan. Or Satanichist.
The way to recognize forward that there is a messagfe backward is you hear that vop sound in the forward track. This is because in order to put that track on a song it must be recorded forward then simply reversed for the song. It's not rocket science! But it isn't the BULLSHIT you mention! I'm surprised you didn't pull the stupid shit of Judas Priest did backward messages when THEY NEVER DID!

I played the "Are You Ready?" at the beginning of KoRn's "Blind" backwards, and I heard "YEAH…WE RULE."

At the very end of Powerman 5000's "Stereotype", the line "You're Just a Stereotype", is intentionally reversed on the album.

Another example is P.O.D.'s "Guitarras de Amor". Listen to it backwards, the vocals were intentionally reversed.

And, in Mando Diao's "sheepdog", i don't know the forward lyrics, but if you play the part were it slows down backwards, you hear "knife past the feline"

The reverse in the the Pushing me Away remix, is all that gibberish that Shinoda says. I just fiqured it out.

OKay, Vauhgn, 'ure' an idiot, page didn't wrie the lyrics, fag, robert did, they even say so in an interview. They were about to record for it for zoso, but there were no lyrics so while they were practicing, plant was writing them. Get your facts straight, and 'ure' spelling.

Hey can you play the song NERVANA backwards and see if it says anything?
You cant understand it playing normaly so why not backwards?
my website which u can contact me at:

Did you know if you play the beginning of the song Rocket(the LP version) by Def Leppard off the Hysteria album backwards, they clearly say "We're fighting with the Gods of War." Try it soon and post it on your backmasking site.

Hey guys, there's this game called Wario Ware Touched! for the Nintendo DS.

There is this song called "Ashley" or something like that. If you play the song in fast foward, it says

"I have granted the kids to hell."
and "I rise above hell."

Its really clear too. It should be on the website.

In "Enter Sandman" by Metallica, if you reverse it at 2:04 it says "It is I, the evil one"… Forward it is "And now I lay me down to sleep"

Thats really cool…
Hey are you the person who created that website where u can listien to those songs backwards? thats really cool.
If you are the person, and i have the right blog LMAO
Could u perhaps try to see if Nervana's song: Sounds like teen spirit says any thing backwards, u can barely understand it forwards, so what about backwards?

There is this song on the korns greatest hits c.d. It's called "twist" The whole song is gibberish and occasionally someone says "twist, twist". I think you should look into it. I am pretty sure that there is some Backmasking involved.

"Twist" is exactly what it is, just jibberish. "Before I Forget" has nothing on it too, I tried it first cuz it's my favorite song off that album. Smells Like Teen Spirit" I don't believe has anything cuz but I'll keep looking into it. BUt I did hear something on Avenged Sevenfold's "Unholy Confessions" something like "Always see the shadows" but not too sure.

"First of all, very nice site. I enjoyed it very much. I only have one comment to the people thinking that Backmasking can influence the listener… it can not. It is impossible to feel a certain way or wanting to do a certain thing because something is said/sung backwards. (If it is sung in a normal way, would you do it then?) If it could influence people, everything we said to eachother could do harm, even your mother saying that your eggs are ready. (Please look beyond my bad spelling and grammar)
Greetings San"

wrong! because the brain can pick up a massage backwards, this means that you do not really recognise it, so it doesn't go through your thought process, but still is in your brain, and thus is not thought over

Dragostea Din Tei sounds like it says "yea yea I think we should all have sex tonight" to me. I uploaded foward and backwards clips to my site

hey jeff love the site man we're hooked on it we've been trying ourselves to do the backmasking we love zeppelin, pink floyd, beatles all that stuff. This stuff is creepy an we love it! we may have found one for you. this is from the song us and them by pink floyd. In the first fourteen seconds of the first verse. It says " the one immortal we met him… then we ran all away now they war beside me…mad man sucks." thats what we heard check it out yourself it may not seem to you but please try. email us at and/or


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