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Because of my , I’ve been getting a lot of emails with requests for other songs that have backwards messages as well people sending me lists of songs that apparently have just that. Here are some excerpts (for those of you that care).

  • Cradle of Flith – “Dinner at Deviant’s Palace” When played backwards, you hear the lord’s prayer
  • Missy Elliot’s song – ‘Work It’
  • The song Karate by Tenacious D. At the end reverse the last word he says and it says, “donkey crap” quite clearly.
  • Led Zeppelin – Stairway to heaven
    In the end of the song there is an inverted message which goes something like this:
    “Because I serve Satan, God denies my and there is no escape” (I’m not sure about the exact words, because this was never played on that cassette; they only told that it existed).
  • Styx – Snowblind
    A inverted part:
    “Satan is moving our voices”
  • The Beatles – Number nine
    “Let me out, let me out, let me out” and then continues: “Turn me on dead men” or “let me under men”, in the cassette that was described as a suicide message or something like that =).
  • And something else funny: if you found a .mp3 where the crowd is calling kiss back like “kiss kiss kiss, kiss kiss kiss”, it sounds backwards 666, 666 etc.
  • ELO – Eldorado
    There is a part which goes inverted like this: ‘He is nasty one, Christ your infernal’.
  • ELO – Fire and High
    There is some babble which is inverted: ‘The music is reversible, but time is not, turn back, turn back, turn back’.

And along those lines another email message goes into that last one more specifically:

“Hey man, I really dig the site dedicated to backwards messages in songs. I was spinning Face the Music by ELO, and i found another hidden message. In the first track, Fire on High, during the halleluia chorus part in the intro, there is jumbled speaking, meant to sound freaky. If you spin the album backwards, it says ‘Turn back now. Turn back now. The music is reversible.'”

And to finish off someone commented about one of the song clips I have on my site.

“I think that your clip of John Lennon’s Imagine, when reversed, actually
says, ‘Oh Beezelbub. Must have me.'”

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hey jeff its matt and brendan again we are 13 years old and we just want to tell you that we found two more songs. we found another part of stairway to heaven that clearly says "cause we live with satan" its when he says your stairway lies on the whispering. the other one we found is on AC/DC's back in black during the chorus it says "I love satan, alright. And satan knows I love him. love him. love him!!"

Matt & Brendan

You missed one… at the end of Sgt Pepper, in the run out groove, you supposedly hear "We will f*ck you like Supermen".

I think people have found more backmasked tracks in Beatles albums than anything, because they scoured them for supposed "clues" about Paul's death.

Hello, i found your site on forums and i think it's very cool.The stairway to heaven is so freaking me out o_0. Anyway when i heard of backmasking i did a search in google and i found that in a Nirvana song (dont remember which but it's the one when it keeps saying "My denial" or sth) in reverse it says "I HATE YOU!" Also in prdigy breathe reverse there is sth like this "We are devils… you and me..)

Man im only 14 years old, and the secret message phenomenom had a huge impact on my "world undersatnding"

I cant belive that so many people are listenning to songs and they have no idea that probably they're being brainwashed…

Allo, allo, Jeff.

– I'm a huge fan of what you've done; it's always provided a good fifteen minutes worth of entertainment before I go off trying to find messages myself using the same method you have. I am proud to say that I've found three songs with possible messages.

1) "I Hate Myself and Want to Die" by Nirvana — The beginning of the second verse, the lyrics "Broken heart and broken bones" in reverse turned into "Smoke more marijuana."

2) "You Know You're Right" by Nirvana — The lyrics 'I will never bother you' in reverse sounds like 'Will you love me, then move on?' This one I am not completely certain with as I am with "I Hate Myself and Want to Die," but like a lot of these things, it's open to interpretation.

3) "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin — The beginning of the second verse, "Talk and song from tongues of lilting grace, whose sounds caress my ear" in reverse (and again, this one is open to interpretation, even moreso) sounds like "The answer is mass fear. . ." What follows has been a debate among a number of people I've shown this to. Some say "In Limbo's ponds" and the rest say it ends at "The answer is mass fear and the rest is gibberish.

Anyway, I hope you're still interested in this stuff and maybe willing to post it among the others.

– Thanks again!

– Dave.

I think i have discovered SOMEthing… In Gwen Stefani's what you waiting for, you can hear in a part that she says "satan's a sexy miss" Or something… Maybe she believes satan is a woman? Anywho, its not to easy to hear, but just try hard to hear it, you should hear it if you just listen…

This is how to backmask songs:

EASY – Have a converter* program on your pc, and convert an mp3 to Wav(wave), then open it in "windows sound recording*"
Then click "effects*", and "backwards*", then play…

Hard – Open sound recording on your pc, then click the red dot to record while you listen to a song in for example windows media player. If the song continues while the sound recording stops, just hurry and click record again. Then go to "effects*" and then "backwards*", and play.


*something like that, im just 13 and from Norway

I've found something really obvious, but on Nine Inch Nails cd single "Further Down the Spiral" There are a few songs on there such as "Eraser (Denial;Realization)," and "Erased, Over, and Out," That fastforwarded repeat the phrase "Erase me, erase me, erase me," over and over again, but you have to fastforward it, and not reverse, or rewind.

Enter Sandman off of Metallica's "Black Album" has subliminal messages in the chorus:

Forwards:"Exit light, Enter night-Take my hand…"

Reversed:"Game of his, Satan must play-Endless Day"

The "endless day" part is obvious, it's the rest that you have to listen hard to hear, but I assure you it's there.

Someone mentioned that Blink-182's "Feeling This" contains subliminals-I think I figured out what they say.

Forewards:"Fate fell short this time, smile fades in the summer-Place your hands in mine, I'll leave when I wanna…"

Reversed:"I don't wanna be lost on meaning, broken…hurt myself again, come back Jesus, save me…"

I don't think it was an accident though, because the foreward lyrics say "Are we alone, can you feel it? So lost and disillusioned." as though they're hinting at the subliminals.

hey, on the jay-z/beatles/dangermouse's grey album, on the interlude if you play it backwards it says lots of stuff like "murder murder jesus 666", "catholics i gotta murder them", "I can introduce you to evil". It's freaky as hell because the track is already has a pretty creepy beat.

Hi Guys,

I found this site just by doing a search on the song "Kiss" by Prince and the Revolution, and I wanted to see if anyone else found what I found. I've not yet seen the main pages of this site to see if Jeff already commented on this, but when "Kiss" is reversed, within the within the first 30 seconds of the song playing backwards (during the part where Prince sings "You Don't Have To Be Rich To Be My Girl" at the end), you clearly hear the following: "Ssik" ("Kiss" said backwards sounds like "Sick"); You then hear Prince CLEARLY shouting "The Lord Is In My Life;" "The Lord is Coming Soon For You"

Everytime I play this song reversed it sends chills up my spine eventhough it's not a satanic message. But I can't help but wonder if and why would these artists do this intentionally?

In 1987 on the now defunct T.V. show "Eye On L.A. / Eye On America," the host Chuck Henry did a story on teens committing suicide after playing Vinyl records backwards. The most notorious albums that were played backwards were those by Led Zepplin, Megadeth, and Metallica (The same songs you guys talked about here were also mentioned on that show back in 1987).

It was when Chuck tested songs by Prince (and other artists) to see if there were hidden messages in his music, that I heard for the first time Kiss's hidden message.

Fourteen years after I saw Chuck Henry's report about about "Kiss", in 2001 a found a recording of it (from the "Under The Cherry Moon" soundtrack), copied it to my …. and I tested it for myself, reversed it, and sure enough I heard what Chuck was talking about ….. it freaked me out for days when I tried it …. I recorded it to a cd and quickly ran and told other people about it. I had even told someone about "Kiss" in a chatroom. That person just happened to have the song on his computer, and when he played it the way I suggested it (reversed through the sound recorder program), all he kept saying was "Oh my gosh…""Oh my gosh!" He was shocked out of his mind.

Again, what you here is "Sick"; and "The Lord is In My Life"; "The Lord Is Coming Soon For You"

In my opinion, if this was a deliberately intended, it is one heck of an eerie backwardmask to hear eventhough it's message is good (I think). And then as a Christian myself, I must question … who is he calling "The Lord"? Is he referring to Jesus or Satan? –We may never know for sure this answer, but one thing I can speculate is this: It was rumored during the 1980's that Prince became a Christian after he'd been involved in some religious cults, (this is before he changed his name to a symbol and converted to being Jehovah's Witness) …

Interesting…. and Go figure!

Freaked out even more than before by your site (in a fun way),


another song I heard about is track 1 on Tupac Shakur's CD "Makavelli (The Seven Day Theory)"

Playing forward, towards the end of the track "Intro …." you hear a voice that quickly eerily says faintly "Someone Shot Me."

That whole album and Tupac's music that was released after that is eerie, because it's like he told his own story of how he died …. The photo on Makavelli's cover has a picture of Tupac being Crucified like Christ.

And in the music video for "I Ain't Mad At Ya" ….. Tupac gets shot by someone riding in the car with him (whose face is blurred out in the video — presumably it's Death Row record producer Shug Knight who stands accused of his murder)…. Tupacs funeral is also depicted as he sings "I Ain't Mad at Ya"…

ooooh! SOOO EEEEERIE!!!!

Another thing is the reason why people chose certain nick-names. When you play them in reverse the reasons are stated, like one of my friends who was attracted to me gave me a nick-name, and in reverse it becomes "Please kiss me"! Very powerful, your subconcious is.

Im H.I.M.'s song "Wings of a Butterfly" the part in the chorus goes:

F:"Rip out the wings of a butterfly"

R:"Hail Satan, He'll bless you with nightmares"

I didn't use a recording of the song to do this, I just sung the lyrics the same way as in the song, recorded them then reversed them. The subliminals become clearer when you speed them up.

The Used's album, In Love and Death, has satanic messages in it.
The song "Take It Away"-

Forewards:"Burn the sun, burn the light,take,take,take,take,take, take it away,take my hand,take my life, take,take,take,take,take, take it away!"

Reversed:"Oh, yes yes yes yes yes, I can't help it, I can't help it,Oh,yes yes yes yes yes, can't help your self"

The song "Yesterday's Feelings" has even creepier messages-in the beginning of the song someone says something very quietly that I can't make out completely but I can tell it is normal forewards English. In reverse it very clearly says "Satan is here". It also says a few times throughout the song "Satan is…" (can't make out the rest) and "I need some evil". Creeps, I don't think I'll be listening to them anymore! I'm Christian.
Another thing that is very interesting is that your own speech and writings convey what is being thought in your subconcious mind. I recorded and played a few of my own writings in reverse on my PC and found some interesting things, like peoples names that I was thinking about and so on. I was getting hit on by a girl once while I was writing a poem, and when I played it in reverse it says "girl hitting on me, blonde hair"! I've recorded/played letters people have written to me in reverse and found what they were really thinking, how they really feel! You can tell if people are lying by doing so, because their subconcious is so powerful.

I honestly think that our subconcious mind thinks every which way, forewards, backwards, side to side. One of the letters I analyzed completed it self in more detail when I played it in reverse, with everything in reverse making sense, explaining itself in perfect order even though the first line was written BEFORE the second line, when they are reversed the first line EXPLAINS the second line.

Hey jeff,

Great site first of all. that led zepplin thing freaked me out until i read vaughns blog entery. i am a strong christian and i believe that satan does work through music. but if you lead not to temptation, you will have everlasting life. if you have read the bible, you will find out that satan is here on this earth and hes trying to corrupt the WEAK. do not let him corrupt YOU. the only way that you can get to heaven is to follow jesus and believe that he is your savior. please do not let the devil corrupt you!

I have found that Hilary Duff has a song titled "So Yesterday" and in the song she sings "At least not today"
played backwards you can hear "Hail this nazi land". Just thought you might find this one interesting as well :D

Mindless Self Indulgence has some pretty messed up messages when played forwards, but when played backwards you get silly things like, "Do your Chores." "Obey your parents." "Go to school." They would do that kind of thing on purpose, knowing the lead singer…they're retarded like that.

Also, that ELO song "Fire On High" is really creepy played backwards. Gave me nightmares. >.< What's with the heckling Christian?

I didn't find these by myself the were in this site
It's quite intresting. In nirvana's song "Come as you are" when played backwards, you hear "Coward, I am the worst coward the worst- Aaauuggh!! Why am I insane? I need money, I need money, I need money, I need…"

This site is awesome :D

In Moby's "Lift me up" it says "It's fo' real" instead of "Lift me up", and in "Beautiful" it says "Oooh the window's falling out", "Oooh it's remarkable!" and "Wobble my shuttle, people". xD

If you play metallica's Enet Sandman backwards at the part where he screams "Grain of Sand", it sounds like Endles Sin

I know one backmasking part,and in the forwards version of the song you hear it backwards pretty clearly.It's in the song Iowa by Slipknot.At around 8 minutes and 25 seconds you hear random screaming that makes no sense at all.I have the clip backwards saved on my computer and the lead singer,Corey, is screaming "Don't Look At Me!" repeatedly.It's pretty cool.I like all the subliminal messages you have on here.

Hey this is to the guy name wtfmate in the song Bounce by system,I've listened closely and it says "Oh I like to spread you out, touching you everywhere" or something..I can't quite make out the last word because he interrupts it and makes his normal weird noises.

If you take Green Day's song "Holiday" and reverse the song right after PUN-ISH-MENT, you can hear "THE HONORABLE SLIMSHADY" very clearly.

You guys are so naive if you think that those are not messages, you call yourself christians and listen to led zeppelin anyway? is that christian music, i dont think it is, actually i know it isn't, and i know that led isn't a christian, quote, "Seems that the wrath of the Gods, got a punch on the nose and it started to flow; I think I might be sinking." Going to California. "Soul of a woman was created below." Dazed and Confused. those are in songs, you really think that hes talking goodly about god. It says to look out for false prophets in the bible, you christians think led zepplelin is good, now do you? If you want go to media player and play his song backwards, they arent made from someone else, there directly from him. And i love how you say he was high, when your high thats when evil spirits can take over your body.

im a catholic in LONDON! and i listenn to marilyn manson, HIM, Metallica, Led Zeppelin etc. AND im stilll a CATHOLIC!!!

I found satanic subliminal backmasking message in the heavy metal band from USA – CAGE. It is in the CD release HELL DESTROYER – released in 2007 – track no. 10 – Cremation of care. If you play the song backwards you can hear the satanic message: “Rise master. Hail mighty satan! – 4x, We await your arrival. Deliver unto us armageddon.”

Utada Hikaru’s song “Sanctuary” has lyrics that are inverted. When played backwards, it says, “So many ups and downs. I need true emotion. I need more affection than you know. I need true emotions.”

It’s a beautiful song and was used in the TV ad for a Kingdom Hearts game in 2006.

Great info. I was wondering if you have ever backmask any of the Christian music (for example Christian rock music, Michael smith, amy grant etc) I like to know if the devil already got his message of deception in religious music too. Thanks, awaiting your response.

[…] Other Songs with Backmasking Summary: I’ve been getting a lot of emails with requests for other songs that have backwards messages as well people sending me lists of songs that apparently have just that. Here are some excerpts (for those of you that care). Posted: 2004.09.01 – 7:50 pm […]

Its hard to “imagine” these “bands” being able to talk backwards.
(Its a lot harder than you think). Most of them have difficulty talking forwards. Hmmm.. Sort of like a seriously drunk man winning the decathlon at the Olympics and staggering proudly with his gold medal while the Budweiser anthem plays in the distance.
Gives cause for doubt in the result to say the least. Maybe he should be tested for anabolic Budweiser?
In any case I prefer to sing along with the odd commercial at least its believable. Note Obama recently was chanting “thunk u satan” and I guess he like the “bands” mastered backwards talking too….
Anabolic Budweiser test needed again to see if he actually can do the pole vault while under the weather or.. Or.. he might have been handed a script? I know how people love and worship rock/metal/pop so I have already bought an armoured car (like the president) that being Kaspersky security to protect me from flying anabolic Budweiser bottles (viruses) when gets this gets read.

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