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Stairway to Heaven Subliminal Messages

Some time ago I received an email from a professor at York University. He asked if he could use part of my Stairway to Heaven backwards site / idea for a class. Here is the conclusion of his experiment.


I have now given my lecture on perception, and the Stairway to Heaven was a real hit. Before I played it backwards, (and after they had listened forwards a few times), I distributed sheets of paper with the “words”. Half the class got the Satan stuff, and the other half got my own words, which have nothing to do with Satan or religion. I realized at the outset that my words did not fit quite as well as the Satan ones, but some lines fit very well. The demo went perfectly – those who had the Satan words could “hear” the backwards lines very well, and those who got my words, could hear at least some of my lines well. Interestingly, those who “heard” my words had a very difficult time hearing the Satanic words later on when I played it again.

Thanks again so much for your [help]. It has really helped me make a very important point about the nature of perception and how we actually construct our percepts.


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Wow! My friend stubled across your site on google and thought it was cool. News flies in middle school, so in two days everyone was going to the backwards messages. PROPS!


i dont think the pink floyd 1 was true well i belive it just not as much as i want 2 because normally there are piane notes at the beginning but in reverse at the end(because its in reverse as you no) there are no piano notes.

i dont think the pink floyd 1 was true well i belive it just not as much as i want 2 because normally there are piane notes at the beginning but in reverse at the end(because its in reverse as you no) there are no piano notes.

hey dude on my nam is if you click on forward then really fast click on reverse the it is slim its eminem the reverse part sounds lis a backbackgrund music part

P.s. i said the dude your stuff is awesome 1 and the pink floyd 1

yo! i heard the backward songs thingie.. and i can hear a thing! just blaublahlau, i went to your site cuz first i tried to reverse stairway to heaven myself, recording it and reversing it, and didnt hear anything, and i still cant hear!! hit me one more time backwards sounds cool but i dont get a thing! can u tell me what they say?

click the button below play backwards, and you will see the song text.
The piano tones in pink floyd is there, if you listen closely, but they are reversed so they dont sound like a piano.

I went to your site with the backmasking songs and it wont work for me. every time i go to the site it just shows a blank screen. Could someone pls help me?
from- AMC

I went to a talk at a book festival recently where the lecturer (author Simon Singh) played the same Stairway to Heaven lyrics you have. Singh then played it backwards. My friend and I heard the word ‘satan’ but that was all. Singh asked the audience how many people heard the word 'satan' and about one in five people put their hand up.
He then asked who heard “oh my sweet satan [etc…]” (exactly as on your site) and we all had a bit of a chuckle because there was no way anyone heard all of those lyrics.
He put the backward lyrics on the projector and played it again and, honestly, everyone (100+ people) heard every single word.
He was demonstrating how the brain wants order and understanding. So what you hear initially is correct: a whole lot of gobbledygook. When the brain has something (lyrics) to connect with that gobbledygook it fills in the gaps to make sense of the words.
I find it interesting anyway: whether deliberate, accidental, real, or imagination.
Thanks for putting together this website. I've enjoyed listening to all the songs and entertaining my friends with the Led Zepplin lyrics.

While reading some of the comments I got this idea, what if someone sung the backwards lyrics, recorded that and played it backwards, would the real lyrics be hidden in there?

just so u know on the japenese pokemon rap thing the "yo" and "yeah" backwards are saying "yes" in japenese

also….on the hotel california backwards it believe it should say: "Satan hears this. He had me believe in me."

hey jeff
i heard all your subliminal messages and ara fasinating but maybe i have something that it may interest you i found some satanic messages to from black sabath and of other groups but specialy from the latinamerican singers if it interest you send me and email.its, so i can show you the amreican subliminal messages and the latinamerican subliminal messages.ill be waiting

I read a book about this… I guess Rush's "Anthem" also has this… the third verse of the song backwards I guess is "Oh satan, my sacrifice you know it is you are the one I love' Or something like that.

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Try Black Eyed Pea's Songs. Escpecially The, "Don't Lie" One. I Think They'll Say Something There. But I'm Not Sure. I'm Just Guessing By The Tune. ^_^

Finding messages in backwards lyrics is similar to finding animal shapes in clouds. If you look at enough clouds, you will eventually find a pretty convincing elephant. Here are my own backwards lyrics for the infamous Stairway to Heaven passage. It comes out as a kind of prayer:

Lord, Lord hears, to mock we'd Satan (though on all-ill path) who'd make me sigh, whose power is fake!
Heal, give those within sick, sick, sick.
They'll want all he'll too share, where he made us offers at fate.

OK, so it doesn't make perfect sense, but neither does the "original." Some parts sound better: for example, the original's first "sweet" is really "queet," which I have as "mock weed." "Sick" is closer phonetically than "6"; and "was a" (little toolshed) has no "s" sound — I have "want all." We have a tendency to fill in letters, particularly consonants, when we listen.

Here's another possibility, an analogy between the devil and a garden:

Lord, Lord, hear us to mock weed Satan.
The lawn all-ill path, wood maybe sap, whose flower is fake.
Hew, give dose within sip, sip, sip.
They'll all heal, too, share where he made us supper that sate.

You may hear the original more distinctly, or it may be that, having heard it, it's harder to hear it differently.

If I can find a second, or third meaning within the message (and the professor above could find yet another), then it shouldn't surprise anyone that a much larger number of people listening to many songs backwards can find some unintended messages. The fact that people keep coming up with messages about Satan and marijuana means nothing, except to indicate where their minds are at!

I also thought the Yoko Ono quote to be quite funny, given that the song (the flip side of Starting Over) came out when Lennon was still alive.

Subliminal messages rely on the fact that your brain fills in the blanks, and the people creating the know that fact. It's not just the power of suggestion, they're there, it's just that some people need some guidance in hearing them.

Sing the backwards lyrics to the song and record them, then play them in reverse-you'll get the original song. That oughta prove that the subliminals are real. I know, I've done so myself.

Dude are you mental, your just mixing up words you fagget, your just one of those stupid computer nerds that has nothing else to do then ruin awsome tuneskies, get a life bud. I think you should put highway to hell or something on there, you can actually LISTEN TO THE REAL STUFF INSTEADA JUST MIXIN ALL THE CRAP AROUND

I found satanic subliminal backmasking message in the heavy metal band from USA – CAGE. It is in the CD release HELL DESTROYER – released in 2007 – track no. 10 – Cremation of care. If you play the song backwards you can hear the satanic message: “Rise master. Hail mighty satan! – 4x, We await your arrival. Deliver unto us armageddon.”

Hahah, I love submiminal messages. I’m not sure if it actually does something. It probably does not. But I checked out that blackmasking site a while back and it scared me. We also leaarned about it in pyschology class. Well, thanks for this, I appreciated it and it made me laugh, lol

backstreet boys song everybody has one….. on the part “as long as there is music we’ll be coming back again” you will hear nick shouting “evil evil”

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