Malaysia – Day 32

KL Tower

Tonight I went to the KL Tower to see “Pixels and Wireframe”, Multimedia University’s forth year students’ final presentation.

The tower itself is quite something to see. Standing at 421 meters from base to antenna mast it is one of the tallest concrete towers in the world. It is also the fourth tallest telecommunications tower in the world. From the window where the private function was held, we could see the city for miles around and we also had a particularly nice view of the Petronas Towers (or KLCC as it’s sometimes referred as).

From Inside the Tower

After a brief introduction and a small snack served buffet style, we watched the top 20 final animations from MMU’s forth year students. There were some really great showings there. My favorite was about a group of seniors in a home that wanted to stay up late watching Mission Impossible. The nurse has other plans for them, and through their imagination the group goes through their own impossible mission as they try to get back into the TV room.

GXM Studio was a major sponsor of the event and as such was given a couple of copies of the nights presentations. Jon was nice enough to give me one of them.

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