How Our Brain Makes Sense of Gibberish – Backmasking Related

I received an email a couple of months ago from Michael R., and thought I should share it. Those coming here from my backmasking page may find it interesting. Michael writes:

I saw Simon Singh, author of ‘Big Bang’, use your Stairway to Heaven backwards lyrics in a lecture to make a point about how the brain imposes order on gibberish when it expects to find order, like words, where there is none. I am an ophthalmologist, and specialize in glaucoma. This is exactly the same thing the brain does when a glaucoma patient begins to lose peripheral vision. They are not aware that they have blind spots in the periphery of their visual field because the brain fills in the blank spots by continuing the pattern in the area surrounding the blind areas. This pattern completion is a lot like what goes on in interpreting the backwards Led Zeppelin lyrics.

Thanks Michael.

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I wouldn't give too much credibility to someone who believes in the big bang "theory"— In someone who thinks the Universe started with an explosion.I would have much more confidence in someone with a little more common sense.As for his student who believes that hearing back masking is a result of patterning, I think that maybe he's coming up with his expainations as a result of this same patterning he is telling about.

You're absolutely right. It's much more plausible that a mystical, magical, and all-powerful being created life from the dirt. Talk about "credibility" and "common sense".

If the physical universe always existed, why is it any more difficult to believe that intelligence didn't always exist. One is no more apt to have always existed than the other. Just as the elements never came from nothing, neither did intelligence come from nothing, it always existed. If you want proof, look around you .

I have to point out further that you also were created from the dirt. You have to agree with that but maybe we disagree on where you think your intelligence came from. You probably think it came from the dirt as well but I say no. I say it already existed apart from the regular elements.

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