Malaysia – Day 40

Today was my last day of work at GXM Studio. With only eight more days until my flight back to Canada, I’m both excited and sad that my time in Malaysia is coming to an end. I’ve decided to spend my last week in Thailand and will fly there on Monday.

I finished up the Kick-Ray game and Jon said he would put it online. I’ll link to it when it becomes available.

This evening Jon took me out to a friend of our’s place for a house warming party. I had a great time and I especially enjoyed the treat of western food (KFC chicken and Pizza Hut pizza). We had a good laugh watching the poor unfortunate contestants of Malaysian Idol butchering their favorite tunes. The interesting thing about TV in Malaysia is that often you have to know at least two or three different languages to know everything they are saying. They switch back and forth just as people in everyday conversation do here. It’s assumed that everyone can understand in whichever language they happen to be speaking. One thing is for sure, when it comes to singing it doesn’t matter what language they speak – if they can’t sing in Malaysian or English it’s still funny to see the judges responses.

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