Malaysia – Day 41

I think today was the first Saturday since I’ve been here that I didn’t have something planned for me. So instead I hooked up with some friends that I met a week or two ago and we had lunch together at the Dome Cafe in KLCC. (KLCC is the location of the Petronas Twin Towers). I lugged along my backpack because I wanted to bring my water, camera, and ipod but it ended up being a waste because I never used any of them.

While at KLCC I picked up another book, “The Tipping Point”, by Malcolm Gladwell. I haven’t had time to read much of it yet, but I did check out the first couple chapters and so far it’s very interesting. It’s about how trends form and what makes one idea into a fad or epidemic while others die off.

I also booked my flight to Thailand today. I’ll be flying to Phucket (pronounced poo-ket) on Monday (tomorrow) and as luck would have it I’m meeting Dave Wood there. I was worried that I would be doing all of my last week traveling on my own. Dave is one of the other students from the U of L.

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