Moth Invasion

My house is infested. It’s really frustrating, but I have a serious moth problem. (Not to be confused with a math problem which I may or may not also have).

I have been killing these intruders like crazy but every morning when I wake up there are fresh ones all over the house. (Actually I can usually find about… Let’s see three or four each morning but let’s not talk about numbers, as I said earlier this is a moth problem and has very little to do with math.) Just so you know, I’m not talking about the huge scary “Silence of the Lambs” style moths, luckily, but still even though they are small they are still annoying.

I poured out some Vector cereal this morning and discovered a moth in the bowl. This was pretty sick, but whatever, I scooped it out and ate it anyway. Looking in the box indicated that there weren’t any other moths and so I didn’t think much of it.

Tonight I grabbed myself another bowl only to pour in the milk and find ANOTHER moth in my food! GROSS! Little bits of moth dust spread through the milk. I inspected some of the other (old) boxes of cereal – which should have been tossed long ago just because nobody is going to eat Bran Flakes anyway – but when I opened them I found what you might describe as a moth hive. There were tons of dusty dirty moths creeping and crawling around everywhere inside the box. I didn’t count them (see paragraph 1) but I certainly tossed them. Which serves me well anyway because now that I’ve cleaned the cupboards I have room for more tasty cereal.

Hopefully that will be the last of them, if throwing out that old cereal doesn’t take care of them I’ll have to get some mothballs. Which begs the question of which is worse: moths in your food or the smell of mothballs in your kitchen?

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well… In the event you need mothballs, id rather eat a moth than my kitchen smell of the wretched stench of mothballs…

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