Robert Plant on Stairway to Heaven Backwards

Back in April I received an email about my Stairway to Heaven backwards clip. I know there is probably just as much chance that what this guy says is completely made up as true, but nonetheless he emailed me back yesterday and whether it’s true or not I find the possibility interesting.

Hey dude, amazing what you can find on the net when your bored, pretty cool site, some of the lyrics im really skeptical about but hey thats life.

The main thing i wanted to say was my uncle’s cousin is Robert Plant and the next time they get together i’m gonna ask if i can tag along and i’ll ask Rob about the lyrics, more than likely he’ll say it’s all “Bollocks” but hey — Worth a go.

To which I replied:

I figured it was bound to happen that eventually my site would reach someone from the band. Let me know what he says.

Yesterday I received the following:

Hey, i spoke to Rob a week ago and when i asked him he kindly replied “Not all this bollocks again” but he swore that the lyrics were just as they were and nothing was intentionally there when played backwards.
So words from the horses mouth seems that people are j[u]st reading too much into the song, always good to have a bit of controversy though.

So there you have it: Robert Plant, member of Led Zeppelin and the writer of Stairway to Heaven, thinks this whole backmasking controversy is a bunch of bullocks. It’s too bad he didn’t get a photo with Rob, that would have gone a long way in knowing that he really did talk to him.

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So is it in our imaginations that we hear it? the entire song played backwards pretty much has discernable messages. who cares if it was intended or now? If i was Plant i would have said, “holy shit, didn’t do it on purpose but i can hear it too.”

I will never forget I think that I was 17 and my brother had a record player it was old had neutral on the play button so that you could play the whole thing backwards. I’ll never forget what I heard. As clear as day we lived in the realm of Satan let it snow let it snow let it snow how the hell could that have happened?. It happens where it says it’s time for spring clean for the May Queen. Later on I would find out that time for the spring clean for the May Queen,The May Queen is a brand for Maytag washers nothing more Now do you get it a spring clean for the May Queen you can’t be that stupid. Spring cleaning washer machine etc. right there you spin it backwards you will hear we live in the realm of Satan, let it snow, let it snow I told my brother that he was sick for playing it backwards. I never forgot that my whole life, the man who fought the devil and won Mr. Robert Plant when they did the reunion tour, you will hear him say, no spring clean for the May Queen and he changed the backwards thing it doesn’t say it anymore. Now if you live your life and you know for a fact that this whole thing the devil God Angels is all true it has to be. There was a man named Jesus and he did die for our sins the whole thing I wish you could be me then you would know what I know what Robert Plant knows. He resurrected the whole thing over again a man that has all the money and knows that you can’t take it with you. I don’t care if you care I know what I know
This much is true. You need to go out and find yourself a copy of The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation because I could not understand a single thing you said.
I mean, come on dude!

The recordings are real and have been known to be real for a while, I even reversed it in audacity and found the same results


i hear that backwards, and it is imagination’s people… when you play any song in backwards, all you hear it’s gibberish! There’s no evil words, just gibberish! I try this song on audacity, and I open the effects menu, and I reduce Tempo, and all I hear it’s just a few words saying in reverse, there’s no evil words, and 666 words, just your imagination… all you ear it’s the lyrics in reverse… don’t be afraid! why do you want to reverse song, if you ear gibberish? i try myself sing and record this song on fowards, on my tablet with a APP recorder, and all i get, it’s gibberish!
Why, don’t you try to write the lyrics of this song on paper, and reverse, word by word? And you get nothing, there’s no evil messages, and subliminal message in this song!

No one said it was there deliberately anyway – the who point is that it’s a product of the subconscious. Language is inherently interpretive and symbolic, and the subconscious is a mystery so the line between what’s “really there” and not can be murky – but I have to say, to me, that backward stuff is freaky, Zep’s dark occultism is well documented, as is that of the music industry overall, and if true, you’d hardly expect RP to admit it anyways, so this fellow’s claims give us nothing conclusive even if totally true. As someone else here said it still “makes me wonder”…

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