Interesting Read – The Mark of the Curse

For those interested in a more liberal view of Mormons, their history with blacks and the priesthood, and the some thoughts about their policy: The Mark of the Curse by Keith Norman (PDF link).

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Have you read "Black and Mormon"? Good book. One of the articles in it even outlines how Elijah Abel's son and grandson received the priesthood and served missions. Some of the articles are pretty boring, but overall it's pretty good.

I have a copy if you want to borrow it.

Hi Jeff,

I was totally fascinated by the article you posted on "The Mark of the Curse" by Keith Norman.

The piece was well written and researched but in all his comments, he did not base his or the Church's reasoning on the Holy Scriptures.

He refers to "God", "Lord" and "Jesus Christ" when refering to our Creator YAHWEH and our Messiah YAHSHUA.

There is no doubt that The Mormons do not know of Yahweh our Creator or Yahshua our Messiah but only the gods that was given to them by the Catholic Church.

The whole world need to rethink their religious beliefs, if righteousness is truly as important as they profess.

It is not hard to research these facts and as Revelation 12:9 emphatically states that Satan has deceived the WHOLE world into serving Her. Deceived the whole world into believing that she is the Most High.

Do you notice how almost nobody knows the Name of who they are praying to? Almost everyone is content in settling with the illusion that Our Heavenly Father Yahweh is just another god and will even defend the fact that he understand when they degrade Him and class Him among the gods. Even when He explicitly says that we are to call upon HIS NAME.

Thanx for allowing me to share.

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