Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – How to change nick color

This is probably pretty boring to %99.9 of the people that read this, but for the other 0.1% here is something I learned about while playing Wolfenstein Enemy Territory (download) this afternoon.

You can change the colour of the text in your nick name by adding a ^ and then a number in front of the text you want to change. Each number from 0 to 9 is a different color.

  • ^0 = Black
  • ^1 = Red
  • ^2 = Green
  • ^3 = Yellow
  • ^4 = Blue
  • ^5 = Light Blue
  • ^6 = Violet
  • ^7 = White
  • ^8 = Orange
  • ^9 = Grey

Here is a site that lets you preview nick colors.

I also learned recently that as a medic you can stick the other team with your needle and poison them. When someone is poisoned, their screen turns up side down and their health slowly goes down. They also make a choking sound — it’s my favorite thing to do in the game.