I watched a short clip of Pallywood on Rocketboom, but from what I’ve seen it’s hard to say for sure whether the footage was staged or not. Some footage looks more real than others.

Pallywood, “According to Palestinian Sources…” a film by Richard Landes. International news media extract a few convincing instants of staged scenes — sight-bytes, and present them as news…

You can download Pallywood if it sparks your interest.

Update: After watching the whole thing, I’m still not convinced completely either way, but if what the documentary shows and says is true, then there is no doubt that some of the footage, used in 60 Minutes and other newscasts, was staged.

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please come to the website from which this was downloaded. we put up over an hour worth of rushes from one Palestinian cameraman working for a western news agency, from which much of our material in the movie was drawn. we posted all the footage available so that you could a) judge whether we used it properly in our movie, and b) see a larger (largely boring) primary documentation from which we drew our material. then you can decide.
go to "current investigation"
and read about pallywood
then go to
and either view the raw footage or selections.
i recommend "ambulance evacuations" among the selections.
please feel free to post comment.

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