The $10,000 Typo?

I got a letter in the mail the other day from the Alberta Government. They wrote to tell me that my student loans are coming due. To most people, including me, a letter from the government asking for money would usually put you in a bad mood, even if it’s money that you rightfully owe.

However, this particular letter said I owed exactly $10,000 less than I recall borrowing. So, either (A) my mind is going early (B) The government of Alberta is so rich they are just going to write off $10,000 of my loan, (C)somebody at the student loans office enjoys a sick form of entertainment toying with my emotions or (D) the missing number “1” was merely a typo.

I haven’t called them to find out the real situation yet because I’m trying to enjoy this brief façade for as long as I can. I’ll call them tomorrow and let everyone know what the situation is, because I know you’re curious. (Don’t forget to come back tomorrow, or you’ll never know…)

Update: Of course they didn’t just drop $10,000 off without telling me. I’m just not quite on top of things I guess. I have two loans, one from the Alberta government and one from the Canadian government. When I got the letter from the Alberta government saying how much I owe, I thought that was the total for all my loans; now I know better.

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It may not be an error. Often, if you haven't started paying your student loans for awhile, a portion of it will be written off. I had a couple of thousand written off, and a friend of mine had his cut in half.

Of course, you should probably double-check anyhow.

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