Scott Adams’ Take on Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

The other day cartoonist Scott Adams wrote his thoughts about the Intelligent Design / Evolution debate (part 1).

Apparently it caused quite the stir. His response:

Wow. A lot of people read my blog entry on Intelligent Design and interpreted it to mean I believe it. I guess the part where I say I don’t believe it wasn’t sufficiently clear.

That’s why I don’t like to leave my office.

Here is the entertaining follow-up where Adams goes after an “evidently highly educated scientist”: Intelligent Design / Evolution debate (part 2).

2 replies on “Scott Adams’ Take on Intelligent Design vs. Evolution”

I was really irritated when I read Scott's first post. It was almost enough to make me stop reading his blog. Then after reading the second one I forgave him for the first – but now that I think about it I have to agree with you. He did come off as quite the buffoon.

I guess I fell for the "Ha I was only joking" line that your link from the Department of Hate talks about. I do find his site amusing and I guess I just don't want to consider him an idiot, even if I think believing in "Intelligent Design" is idiotic.

He did try to distance himself from both camps – but after thinking about it for a while, it's probably safe to say that deep down he is a believer in I.D. either that or he just likes to get people going.

Which I guess comes back to your point in that he really does come across as a bit of a buffoon.

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