The Banks and You – A Survival Manual

I spent Wednesday evening with a really nice couple, the McNabb’s, talking about everything from webpage advice to antique reading lamps.

One of the things I really liked learning about was the husband’s experience with the banking industry. He is a banking consultant and even wrote a book on how to deal with banks, “The Bank and You … A Survival Manual“. It was published in 1986 and became a best-seller. Though it might seem to be getting a little old now, he explained that most of the information is still relevant.

He shared his reasons for writing the book, which are summarized nicely in the preface,

The Banks and You…A Survival Manual has been written to assist the reader in knowing what banking today is all about. A concern I do have at this time is that banks appear to be leaning on their own staff, and if they do this and get away with it, what in the world is going to stop them from leaning on their customers?”

He goes on to say that the book was started at a time when they were “locked out of [their] business”.

“The book was originally started as a hate book and entitled How to Screw Your Banker before He Screws You! After we won the war with our bankers, I decided this book was very much needed, and the hate tones were immediately dispensed with.”

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but the book delves into topics like:

  • banker intimidation
  • how bankers treat women
  • the lies that bankers tell and how to protect yourself
  • cultivating a relationship with your banker
  • whether on not to take the loan
  • signs of a pending banker – client breakdown
  • what to do if you go out of business
  • handling bankruptcy

The book also shares his own story of how he and his wife were able to turn things around pay back their loans for less than $.05 on the dollar.

He gave me a copy and I’m looking forward to reading it; I think it could be very insightful.

I also liked chatting with him about the process of publishing a book because I’ve got a little idea for a book that I’ve been sitting on for the last few years. Some of the things he told me were the names of people in the publishing industry, how to get an ISBN number and how to promote a book. Perhaps this new information will get me going on it again.

Oh and one last thing, the photo on the back made me smile because he no longer looks like that at all.

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