Jeff Milner on the Jay Thomas Show

Jay Thomas
Today at 1:30pm (MST) I’ll be a guest on the Jay Thomas Show. I was just looking into who Jay Thomas is, and when I took a look at the google results I said to myself, “hey I recognize that guy—he was on Murphy Brown!”

I didn’t recall it right off, but he also played the zamboni smushed hockey player, “Eddie Lebec”, on Cheers (hilarious).

The following is a little bit of info from his bio:

Jay’s career highlights include acting roles on Cheers, Murphy Brown, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Mork & Mindy and The Education of Max Bickford to name just a few. Jay won an Emmy Award for playing Jerry Gold in Murphy Brown and was nominated again in 1992. Every holiday season since 1998 it’s a tradition on the Late Show for him to knock a meatball off the Christmas tree with a football (he briefly played pro ball in the World Football League).

As I’ve done more and more interviews I’m getting a lot more comfortable just going on and joking around with the host. This should be fun.

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