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Exploring the Explore Program

I’ve had a letter from the Alberta government sitting on my table for the last couple days. Seeing it sitting there made me realize I should be more diligent in my letter opening consistency but I’ve developed a Pavlovian response that most of the time snail mail = bills, credit card applications, and a minefield of potential paper cuts. I decided today that I needed to turn over a new leaf and stay on top of the old-fashioned post.

I am pleased to say that this particular letter was, in fact, very good news. I’ve been accepted to the 5 week Explore program at Université Laval in Quebec City, Quebec (I wrote about it here). I am so excited!

The government funded French immersion program runs from July 3rd to August 4th, which is great, but as far as timing goes might make getting a job right out of University a little more difficult. At least this is a rather positive dilemma—you can’t really complain when everything seems to be going your way.

A friend of mine was giving me a bit of a hard time saying that if I move to Quebec I’ll become an official frog.

If I’ve learned anything from a lifetime of watching TV it’s that Princesses love to kiss toads (which are basically frogs, just less good looking) so if all goes according to plan, this could be the best five weeks of my life!

More updates as I get them.

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