Interesting Facts about Domain Names

Yesterday I was helping a client transfer her domain name from (which, by the way, I would recommend against using if at all possible).

Anyway it got me thinking about the whole domain name system and then this morning I came across these interesting facts about domain names.

The US Census Bureau has some handy common name files available on their site, so I thought I’d see how one’s luck would be trying to register their own name(s).

If you’re looking for a masculine domain name, you’ll be disheartened to learn that of the 1,219 male names listed by the US Census Bureau, every single one is registered. If you’re looking for something feminine, you’re in luck: As I type this, of the 2,841 female names listed by the Census, you can soon grab the lucrative recently expired, or the sitting in purgatory, though both are technically currently taken.

On the family name front, 100% of the top 10,000 family names are registered.

I should have grabbed when I had the chance, or for that matter. C’est la vie, what’s in a name anyway? Though it ticks me off that some cybersquatters are ransoming off I thought you had to be a non-profit organization to hold onto .org domains, what’s up with that?

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