South Park on Family Guy

I’m not sure why, since there are so many of them, but I’m always surprised when I run into die-hard fans of the Family Guy. On at least three occasions I have made the off-handed comment that it seems like the show has been specifically made for someone with attention deficit disorder—to which each of the people I was talking to said, actually I used to have ADHD.

I guess that explains a lot.

Given the enormous fan base, I decided that maybe I was just happening to catch “off” episodes that weren’t as funny as the truly great stuff that they must be putting out in order to create so many fanatics. So I pulled out my roommate’s “Best of Family Guy” DVDs and, as painful as it was, watched them straight through.

Ho-hum… and these were supposed to be funnier than all other episodes? Give me a break.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that feels the show is highly over-rated. Jaime Weinman’s blog post “Why I Hate FAMILY GUY” nicely sums up my feelings.

I found a link today over at Cartoon Brew that let me know about Wednesday night’s episode of South Park in which they make fun of the Family Guy. Although South Park has offended me on numerous occasions (to the point that I no longer watch the show), I still think it has a collection of very intelligent writers and is very capable of creating memorable and often insightful commentary on the world around us. For your viewing enjoyment, here is a clip from Wednesday’s show:

Update: I guess the video no longer works because YouTube is cracking down on playing clips of tv shows.

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