Lesson 3 Part 1

In lesson three, John asks us to overlay our drawings on top of Preston Blair’s and identify differences. Here are mine:

John K's Lesson 3

Any other inconsistancies that I missed?

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How are you doing? Since you’ve asked, I noticed a few things. The eyebrows are a bit far apart and tilted back.(you may have gotten the center line off a bit because the whole face looks a bit tilted back in comparison.)The bridge of the nose is also tilting back where I believe it should way a bit more forward. There is a bit of negative space between the black border of the eyes and the cheek in the original. And the hair on the back of the head behind the cheek is a bit low and tight to the head. There are some other things I noticed, but those seemed to affect the “look” of the copy. Hope you don’t mind the comments from another always “learning” artist. Thanks for the opportunity, this helped me to go aback and be more specific with some of my drawings.

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