How to Talk to the Press

Over the last year I’ve done a ton of interviews about my website and about backmasking. The more interviews I do, the more comfortable I get at doing them.

At first it surprised me how much the skill level of the interviewer makes on the flow of the interview. I’ve been interviewed by reporters ranging in skill from The Wall Street Journal to an individual doing a high school project. I’ve seen the difference in how a piece for a live radio show differs from a pre-recorded and heavily edited podcast. I’ve also seen how practise giving interviews makes such a big difference in how you come across in the final version.

Today I came across some great advice from Matt Haughey on how to talk to the press. Priceless advice for both the interviewer and interviewee. Read up, you never know when it will be your turn! And don’t forget to read the comments, you’ll find some real gems there.

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