Verizon Wireless Misquotes Rate 93% of the Time

Remember how 0.02 dollars does not equal 0.02 cents? “Eyeless Writer” has done some follow-up research:

I did some research in early 2007 for an article that I ultimately never got around to publishing. It was a follow-up article to the story told by, where a customer recorded 6 different Verizon managers quoting a rate 100 times less than they actually charged, and then not being able to see the mistake when it was pointed out to them. The results of that research—an informal survey in which I called Verizon’s sales line 56 times—are as relevant now as ever. With the recent battles between Google and Verizon Wireless over so-called, “open networks”, now seems like an excellent time to wonder exactly how bad a phone company can get if they’re allowed to trap their customers. This article seems like pretty good evidence that Verizon Wireless should not be the entity deciding future wireless laws.

Here is a video made by “Eyeless Writer” that compiles those 56 calls to Verizon Wireless and asks them to answer two questions about their rates. The operators misquote Verizon’s rate 93% of the time.

[How Bad Can a Cell Phone Company Get? – YouTube]

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