I Am America (And So Can You!) Satanic Message

It took me a few days to get around to reversing the backwards message embedded in the I Am America (And So Can You) audiobook, but now that I have, let me just say, Stephen Colbert doesn’t disappoint.

While complaining that seniors are from the library card generation, Stephen complains that “They don’t believe in buying multiple collector copies no matter what kind of rare, bizarre, or coded message appears in the first edition” at which point (about 1:18 of track 3) the following audio is heard:

Update: Flash is dead and so is this clip. I’ll put this on my todo list to get it back up and running in HTML 5.

So there you go, proof positive that Stephen Colbert is a liberal and hates America.

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the reason that is in there is becasue he was jsut talking aobut bizzar, coded messages. so he added that to make wat he said funny. dont take what he says so seriously

i like your work. heard that the nursery rhyme ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ is also backmasked. is that true?

>So those that don’t get the joke are idiots. Awesome.

Good, you’re making progress. One day you might pass the Turing test.

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