Sweeney Todd

Last night I went to see Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Sweeney Todd Movie Poster

The critics are giving it rave reviews, but don’t be deceived. If you have a sinking suspicion, this movie is not for you, go with your gut.

On the other hand I enjoyed it for what it is, a chance for Tim Burton to do the kind of work he does best. It’s dark, macabre, and stereotypically Burton. What was once the bloodiest musical in stage history is now the bloodiest in film history.

And what a lot of blood! Fans of gore will not be disappointed. Wow.

It should be noted that, if stylized animation and HDR imagery are your thing, the opening credits will please you.

If this movie intrigues you, Brian Sibley’s review, offers the kind of insight that only someone from London who has seen the musical could offer.

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