In addition to running very slowly, lately I’ve been getting some unexplained popups on my computer. They’re very strange, sometimes appearing with the Internet Explorer logo (which I don’t use except for updating windows).

Some of the popups have the Firefox logo but then have an Internet Explorer error message. Some other of the pop-ups are coming up as error 404 but that is likely because of my hosts file. (If you don’t have a modified hosts file, I highly recommend you get this one. (instructions)

I ran a scan using Hijackthis and found, what I think are, suspicious .dll files in the windows/system32 folder:

  • hoyolajo.dll
  • pamukuhu.dll
  • subiluje.dll

I don’t know what these files do and the limited search results aren’t helping. I’m posting this here with the hope that someone else may shed some light on the situation.

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