Backmasking in Michael Jackson’s Beat It

Despite the continued media frenzy surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, I have to admit I’m kind of over it.

However, I felt inspired to look for the “backmasking” message known to be in the song “Beat It”. So I now present, for your skeptical analysis, a new addition to my backmasking page, Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”.

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I have to admit that I tried to make something out and only ended up with something that ended in ‘gun.’ But sure enough, once I caved and read the lyrics, I could hear it.

Go Satan!

Nice job, Jeff.

I couldn’t hear it before reading the lyrics and still found it a stretch after reading the lyrics, but hey if you really want it to say something…it could be that? Yup, that’s it, Satan everywhere.

yall an’t heard nothing yet satan has are mind so messed up we will be leave anything but i know of a God that is greater he has lost no power and that is where we need to turn to

Hey, not all backmasks talk about Satan, in the Nirvana song Lake of Fire from the live album Unplugged in New York if you turn the last few seconds backward you will clearly hear “Sleep with me Godzilla”, well I will sure prefer to sleep with Godzilla than with Courtney Love, sleeping with Godzilla I do had more chances of wake up without a hole in my head next morning.

P.s.:Sorry for poor English.

Michael Jackson’s death was a huge shock for anyone who loves the arts in general, although in hindsight it was perhaps not so shocking. The criminal charges brought upon him caused his health to spiral out of control, both emotional and physical. As soon as he started to abuse medicines to simply get by, that was the time when there came to be no way back, in my opinion.

dont say that, it didnt say i believe tat satan was in me.based on the fact that it is a diffrent clip of the song

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