Backmasking in Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi

By popular request, from Lady Gaga’s debut album The Fame, comes a little clip out of track number three, Paparazzi reversed.

Personally, I can’t hear it even with the “reverse lyrics” showing. To me, Lucifer sounds more like moose-em-mouw, but the emails keep coming. For the record, I’m a complete skeptic.

(More backmasking clips)

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Before looking at the supposed backwards lyrics, I heard: “Jesus save us, he’s one of us, of us, he’s one…” after that I’m not sure.

Subliminal tribute to the Joan Osbourne song? ;)

How the hell can you not hear that? Its pretty clear and..

@ Dan, it sounds nothing like Jesus save us hes one of us of us hes one.

The first time I listened to it, I heard neither evil nor Jesus. What I heard was “He will save us. He’s one of us, of us.” The “We model it on the arts of Lucifer” statement didn’t sound as clear to me, but I was able to hear it well enough to understand the interpretation. Of course, I find it funny we’re arguing about something that almost certainly doesn’t really exist :)

guys how could url listen to such crap?? i used to b a big fan until i herd bwt baktraking and its evident dat dis gal is certainly evil. dis is satanic. no religion acepts dat

this is a great barrier between GOD for satan will make way to take our soul trust GoD He is the way the truth and the life…..

hey nikki dat comment wat crap yo. I herd ewe suk egges. Allso, LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH, not gangsta slang.

hi jeff.. i’d like to request if it would be possible for you to create a download link of your backwarded music messages.. they’re awesome, i’m using them in my lectures but i downloaded it in other sites.. i will greatly appreciate your effort for that.. thanks.. they’re helpful. I’m blessed.

this is the only part that makes sense from rewriting paparazzi in reverse – izzarapap

These Stars Above is actually

Iz -pronunced Eese

Zar – sounds like Star from Eese-Zar

Apap – her P, sounds like a silent V, but you can hear apap if you listen carefully,

Its still beats me how I can hear clearly, without text, these stars above, the chorus in reverse doesn’t add up, but the message can be heard.

Crazy stuff

I actually heard instead of “The stars above, above”, “We starve above, above”

Can anyone else hear this, or is it just me??

I don’t fully understand. I love Lady Gaga till my death… Satanic or Christian. Either way I am never going to be any less of a fan. But I don’t understand because she wrote her lyrics. How could she write something so meaningful (fordward) and yet so ‘meaningful’ (backwards)… Or is it so called Satan in control? I don’t get what people are getting at. It doesn’t make any sense.

And what does this hidden message mean? I can hear it in the reversed and it does all sound quite too real & clear. But I don’t know what it means. I’d love for someone to interview Gaga & play this and confront her. I want her to admit if it is true. She might give it away in her reaction. I’m getting carried away here but I need answers. It’s crazy :S


i hate you Lady GaGa. at first i thought you’d be a role model to everybody, but i stand corrected. yes, everybody, but the satanic people only. go worship your satan and i will worship my own God. the God who created everything. He even created Lucifer. and when the time comes, you and your god will swim in the lake of fire.

well as you all probably know when someone write a song the first thing that will caught on here mind


she does not think it backward for this will catch time!!!

one way another either it’s good or not why are you keep insisting that yours is true and not them just keep it to your self not spreading to the other you are now called as-


i hear stars above i know what it means and keep it ti my self!!!

it sounds like whatever you it to sound like.

These stars above(apart?), above(apart?) the followers can usally see to me if you believe it. In the arms of your pipers (fathers?). Jesus/evil save us. These Stars above (apart?), above (apart?) we modelvo/model in the arts of lucifo.(lucifer?) Its a baby. These stars above (apart?), above (apart?) the followers, no your off on it? lol

Thats all i could come up with lol

This is pretty disapointing, Im a HUGE fan Of Gaga. and also a christian. so reading this is kinda a bummer,i really cant hear much but i plan to sit down and take a better listen.
Im still wondering if its all just some stupid thing everyone is freaking out about?
I need some awnsersss?
excuse my spelling :)

More than likely this is exactly what she was trying to get at, but who really cares its a moot point anyway since satan doesn’t exist.

She is just a media ho, with supremely crappy music, only thing she is good at is making videos that brainwash idiots into liking her.

@Jerome, keep on thinking that and believe un-baptized babies go to hell, if there is such a thing which there isnt.

i feel like it says

“it might be possible
the stars above, above
am i the one you’re not supposed to know”

does anyone hear that or a variation of that?

I hear with reversed ”The star above above, above with he follow you in stage seem if you belive me” and ” everyone say save us save us evil was save us the star above above,we model on art it on the lucifer tell he me, the star above above above he follow you and for death ” and then i dont heard anything. :)

yeah! I was get new! I heard something the full song but I just take part at the chorus .. I heard ”They Star Above Above,he fall like a rest of you belive me,there the arms opens ones imposibble,make life imposibble he star above above,we model one in art of lucifer wont belive it, the star above above he follow you No we are not funny thank you very much” I take this prt from ”Im your biggest fans I follow you until you love me paparazzi,baby there no other superstar you know i be your paparazzi promise i be kind but i wont stop until tht boy was mine baby you be famous chase you down until you love me paparazzi

No guys! He’s right! I can hear it pretty damn clear! She’s saying that, “She likes her fish sticks with rice.” Don’t be blind fools! Cant you see the EVIL SATANIC symbolism behind it?! Hide the children! :o

dear god, so many trolls on here! @althea is a Christian, stfu and gtfo. you are trolling and/or you are a deluded misguided religious fool. as are most of the others claiming to be fervent Christians and being put off by this. its just gobbledegook anyways.

…yeah,,its fully satanic..we agree with dodo..she is lucifer’s wife..hha what ever..stop being like that..ang pangit kea tignan

I can hear it ALL clearly. Lady Gaga is a satanist, and doesn’t deserve any money or fans! She’s not even talented, and covers her face up with makeup! Without the makeup, she’s hideous! She’s so false. And it’s obvious to what she’s doing when she plays this song backwards….-_- This was TOTALLY intentional of her. I’m Mormon, and this freaks me out. D:l Lady Gaga, I pray you will learn your lession. D:< So many of my church friends support her, not knowing what she is! D:< WORST. ROLE MODEL. EVER.

Oh…And I get the real song, now. ♪I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you untill you love me♪ I think she’s talking about being Lucifers biggest fan, and following him instead of God/Jesus/Holy Ghost. o-op

First off she is a great role model and the song wasn’t made backward she didn’t intend it to be the way it is when you play it backwards. Don’t judge her something that was just a accident gosh!!

This. Was. So. Scary. I swear, I’ve seen other stuff with subliminal messages (HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN DISNEY?? IT’S FULL OF THEM!) but this was so CLEAR! I HEARD rather than read the We model it on the arts of Lucifer. And after reading, the “These Stars above’ part was pretty clear too…wow. you’re amazing. How did you NOTICE it?

Michael Jackson’s BEAT IT clearly says

“I’m a beautiful Satanic Nigga” …not sure how you missed that. Like the mythological Narcissus he fell in love with his own image, or at least the image of a white boy.

I hear ‘Star above, above, he follow you in the name of Lucifer if you seem to believe me’ Friggin scary!

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check out this little justine bieber’s backwarded massages. and others and others… you better open you eyes and ears and heart for the confrontation to reality’s shock sometimes break a man. all these stuff is just a beginning, it’s like an old joke. go search for yourself for truth behind all these and you will wake YOURself up.

for those who say there’s no evil, consider you are enemy of a man and you want to bring him down what would be the best scheme? the most dangerous enemy is the enemy who you are not aware of. he wants you to think that he does not exist cause if you know you have an enemy you will defend.

when you reverse it it says ” star abaove star above…. he sees you” i tried it nd i reversed it nd i can hear that.

Accident or not,she is a lost soul anyways. There this article I read a ew moments ago,search lady gaga diabolical lyrics,and i think you will see a search result that says projectinsperation or something like that. It says everysingle thing of her satanic images,actions,yeah is bad. And all you ‘atheist’ search the word ‘atheist’. Stop makng fun or insulting cristians,its their belief,so zip it. And i agree with the comment after after this one. I feel sorry for gaga. :-/

as far as i know, the star is a devil sign, that is why it is said that the star above his following me, it simply say the devil is following me.

if lady gaga is a victim of illuminati then we, Little Monsters will help her. But i really don’t believe this, maybe some part of me wants to see all this because I am inerested by illuminati and its effect on people and their behavior. There is no hard evidence that she is and there may never be but that doesn’t mean its fake, it may be real. Who knows? But think about it, its hard enough to write a hit song without having to try making it reverse. But this sort of publicity is what Gaga needs, the fame, the poularity, maybe this is what it is, a popularity stunt and maybe not, we all know what gaga is like and does she really need this to drag attention? The outfits and amazing videos are enough, like I say we may never know but then again, I don’t have a time machine, do you?

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