From Extinct to Just Feeling Like I’m Dying

I’m slowly finishing off each of the classes for my PS1 semester. We had a terrific class this morning in my Communications and Technology class. Our sessional instructor hooked us up with a video conference “experience” with the Tyrrell Museum. I wasn’t sure what to expect, in fact, I was pretty sure I was going […]

Jeff Milner Autobiography

A very short summary of my life: Jeff Milner’s 2 minute autobiography. (Made for one of my education classes). Autobiographical writing and representation By Jeff Milner Due September 29, 2010 Images: (to be played simultaneously with the audio) Transcript of the audio: I began my school life in the autumn of my sixth year. […]

J’taime comme un fou – lipdub

During my “Music of Quebec” workshop at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres in the Explore program, together with almost 100 students, we created this “lipdub” music video. Students from the Summer 2010 session of the workshop participated in the video singing along to the song “J’taime comme un fou” [I love you like a […]

Three River Rendezvous 2010

Over the long weekend my friend, Andy, and I went to the Castle River Rodeo Grounds to take part in the biggest whitewater festival in Canada, the Three River Rendezvous. My decision to go wavered when I read that the weather forecast predicted cool temperatures, variable cloudiness, and sprinkled showers. Luckily we pressed on and, […]

And I’m Back…

I had a great birthday weekend but things really went downhill yesterday. I always think it’s pretty silly when people get thrown off by the time change, however, it turns out I’m now one of those people. My iTouch had the correct time on it, but the alarm clock beside my bed was an hour […]