Jimmy Condon and New Roommate

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from The Alberta Heritage Fund. It was a cheque for $900 for the Jimmy Condon Scholorship. Taking part on the swim team was such a great decision! Not only have I had a great time, it hasn’t really cost me a lot monetarily speaking! I’m really glad to get the money, but I do still need to get a real job. Living from bursary to scholarship to GST cheques won’t last me forever.

I have been thinking about having a new roommate. I know I don’t like having people around much – it’s nice to have the house to myself, but this would make paying the bills a whole lot easier. I’ll find out soon if he’s really interested.


How to Post a link Online

I was thinking that in the remote case that my Dad ever decides he would like to post a link to a website that he has found, he probably doesn’t have the slightest idea how. So here are some simple instructions. It is probably easiest to copy the link into the clipboard. This is done by highlighting the address in the address bar, right clicking and clicking copy. Then type out the following example but paste in your address instead of the (right click then click paste).

This is a link to <a href=”“>type link word(s) here</a>.

Any of the red letters can be changed but in order for the link to work, all the black text must be typed exactly and the link must be exact as well. The previous paragraph, with no colors added comes out looking like:

This is a link to type link word(s) here.

I hope this helps.


Animation Update

I just finished the animation project that is due tomorrow. Actually I still have to export it to .mov format and add sound but here it is without sound. (You’ll need an up to date flash player.)



Here’s some more food for thought about dumbness. Bill Clinton, just as all Presidents do, made his share of mistakes. Most notably the affair with office intern Monica Lewinsky. The media had a feeding frenzy. Clinton was dragged through the mud, and yet when it was all over everyone still seemed to love Clinton. Bush on the other hand has also made his mistakes in office. Even though he cheated the election and started a war with Iraq in which hundreds of people will die, you don’t hear any mainstream media criticising his actions. According to the media Bush’s ratings are high, but frankly I don’t think that will be the case come election time. Now I dare to ask the question, who made the bigger mistake, Bush or Clinton? Whose mistakes cost more lives?


Medicine Hat Trip

Because our Calgary trip has been cancelled, Anna-Maria and I took a trip into Medicine Hat instead. We will be heading home to Lethbridge later today. I had the chance to talk to Dad about some current events and I can’t believe his take on “the events of” the last few weeks. (If you don’t like it get a new blog!). He feels that Canada has “gone to far” by not sending Iraqi diplomats home when the United States has put out a press release asking other countries to do so. For what good reason should Canada send them home? There is no reason. The US has no right to ask the world to send them home. Here are some excepts from a related article:

The spokesman displayed little sympathy for the Iraqi diplomats who might be expelled, saying he did not know where they should go but it was possible to return to Iraq by land. “We just think they need to be kicked out of the countries that they’re in,” Boucher said. Asked where they should go, he replied: “I guess, to put it bluntly, that’s their problem.”

The article also stated that Canada hasn’t been specifically asked:

A spokesman for Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien told Reuters in Ottawa: “They (the Americans) have not asked us and we see no reason to change Iraq’s diplomatic status in Canada.” Iraq’s embassy in Ottawa has one Iraqi diplomat. Russia also refused the US request to expel Iraqi diplomats from Moscow, dismissing it as “unacceptable”.

In a war that seems more and more like it’s being run by an ambitious dictator, I can only hope it is over soon.

life movie war

War Update; Calgary Trip Update; Oscars Predictions

Last night I went to Anna’s roommates birthday party. I was watching the news when the first guests arrived and we learned about a marine (an engineer actually) stationed in Kuwait who threw a live grenade into a tent filled with other Marines. The blast injured about 13 people and killed at least one. Apparently the Marines had had some problems with this guy and were planning on leaving him in Kuwait when it was time to move into Iraq. What a crazy world we live in.

Another interesting article I read this morning explains that many Iraqies would rather kill their own officers than fight the US.

It looks like my trip to Calgary has been cancelled because Anna is not going down to the States with her parents after all. I’m going to work on my animation instead.

It’s Oscar night and I’m sure Anna-Maria and I will be tuning in. Steve Martin is hosting and I read an article about where he’s getting his jokes from, which I thought was interesting.

So with the nominees list open in my other window here are my predictions:

MUSIC (SONG) – Chicago
ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE – Jack Nicholson (About Schmidt)
ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE – RenĂ©e Zellweger (Chicago)
ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE – Julianne Moore (The Hours)
DOCUMENTARY FEATURE – Bowling for Columbine
FILM EDITING – The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
VISUAL EFFECTS – The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

life work

My Commentary on the War

According to 21 deaths have been confirmed among coalition troops — 14 Britons and 7 Americans. Pretty good considering half of them were killed in a helicopter crash which was an accident. The war (according to the media) is going according to plan so far, but I still think their will be more trouble and more deaths as the ground forces get closer to Baghdad.

In other news…

I talked to Mom on the phone this morning. She wanted some help with the settings in Eudora. I don’t think she ever did get everything fixed, but hopefully she is happy now that she got that Austin Powers sound changed back to the default Eudora sound. I guess, “You got mail! Yeah baby” would get irritating after the first time you heard it.

WSI / Swim Related Update

I applied for a job at the Max Bell pool. I’d rather work there than the other places that I’ve been applying because they pay much more money! I have completed about half of the 10 hours I need co-teaching to complete the course and yesterday Pat, the guy that does the hiring, came up to me and asked me to be a timer for a life guarding competition that the Max Bell is hosting. I think the fact that he knows my name and asked me is a good sign. So that’s what I’ll be doing next weekend.

Nasty Water

The water in Lethbridge tastes bad. It has tasted bad for about a week now. I think it is from all the spring run off, but the river seems really low. More updates as they come. Have a good Saturday.


Calgary Trip

I’m currently thinking about going to Calgary on Sunday to get a passport for Anna-Maria on Monday. I might even be able to make it back in time for my class at 3:00. Not making it back on time will be the only reason that I don’t go, or if Anna-Maria decides not to go this weekend.

She is getting her passport so that she can fly down to the states with her parents on the 14th of April.


Code Orange Terror Alert

CNN is running a story about air restrictions over Disneyland and Disney world not because there is any indication that they are in danger, but just because they might be good targets for terrorists.

Speaking of terrorists, I’ve heard that a single, 30 year old, post-secondary educated woman who has never been married has more chance of getting killed by terrorists than ever getting married? For all you unmarried ladies out there, maybe you’d better drop out to increase you odds of getting hitched. It’s just a suggestion.


The Meliorist Article Update

As I mentioned in a previous post the old resident of my house has been the target of the editor at the school newspaper. Recently someone by the name of April M. wrote to the paper in his defence:

“Moving on, I was most angry at the writer’s slander of Stu Crawford. This is unprofessional for anyone to do, but for the letter to the editor to purport this behavior condemns The Meliorist to be a second grade student newspaper. I’m not painting the whole staff with the same brush, but the editor’s actions are unacceptable.”

It’s always been a second rate newspaper, but I’m thinking it’s worse than that now. Maybe third rate?

Update: Stu’s in a university paper again – this time at UVic, for eating the campus rabbits.