Keith Hollihan’s "Reality’s Apprentice"

“Reality TV may seem a world away from real life, but what happens when Donald Trump’s The Apprentice moves in upstairs? Worse, what happens when it seems to be a sham? Keith Hollihan reports with a fascinating account of his life’s surreal intrusions.”

I have only watched one or two episodes of The Apprentice, but as luck would have it I did catch the episode in which the participants had to renovate and rent an apartment in 48 hours. It never occurred to me what the people living below that apartment thought. The people living below were Keith Hollihan, his wife and two children.

“They didn’t care that we couldn’t sleep. This was the Iraqi invasion of reality TV shoots, and we were embedded — whether we liked it or not.”

Keith puts the reality in reality television. If you like the show then you’ll love the article.