Happy Birthday to Me!

I was born at around 6:30am on this day in 1979. That means I’m joining team old today, unless of course you subscribe to that whole 30 is the new 20 malarkey or, alternatively, you realize there’s no point in worrying about your age.

Either way, I’m 30 today and I’ve never been happier.

Birthday images of Jeff Milner

These are a few photos taken on previous birthdays.

My friends Rich and Cindy held a party for me at their place! Thanks guys.


10,000 Days Old

Today I’m 10,000 days old. I figured it out using this date calculation tool.

10,000 days can also be converted to one of these units:

  • 864 000 000 seconds
  • 14 400 000 minutes
  • 240 000 hours
  • 1428 weeks (rounded down)

Happy 10,000th day to me! Here’s to another 10,000.