Two Grandmasters in Lethbridge

Eric Hansen in Lethbridge

If you’ve watched my one second everyday video, you know that I’ve been playing quite a bit of chess lately. I’m excited to say that the activity level at the chess club in Lethbridge has been picking up and they’ve even secured two Grandmasters for an event next weekend.

Grandmaster Eric Hansen and GM Robin van Kampen will be in Lethbridge on Sunday, March 30, from 1:00 – 4:00, at the Galt Museum.

Eric has graciously volunteered to play as many players as we can muster. We will pack the house and have 25+ adult players and 10-15 juniors play him simultaneously.

The fee to play will be $10 for adults and free for junior players. All players are welcome!

See more details on the Lethbridge Chess Club’s page.

Angry Birds 1-1 High Score

I broke down and decided to try Angry Birds on Google+. Most surprising was how I was immediately compelled to try and outdo my contacts’ high scores. It didn’t take long until I moved up into first place.

Here is my technique:

The Bros Mario

You’ve listened to backwards music, now check out Jump on Mushroom, a mind-bending video game that’s played in reverse. Trust me when I say, it’ll force you to rethink the way you learned to play Mario Bros.

I never read the instructions very carefully and didn’t figure this out until the level 1 (the last level): you can skip the rewind (or forward) sequences by hitting Esc. Good luck.

Google Lively

I tried out Google’s new Second-Life clone, Lively. Never having played Second-Life, I’m not so sure what all the fuss is about, but just for kicks, embedded below is my Lively virtual room.

Update: Lively has been shut down.