Anna-Maria Update

Here is an update on Anna. She doesn’t like me writing too much about her, but I don’t think she’ll mind if I write a quick update. She has been busy with all her rehearsing and school work and just showed me the enlarged fish hook that she has been carving. It is a 200x replication of a fly fishing hook that, so far, looks pretty good. It still needed the feathers and line attached, but it looks like a pretty nice hook.

Tonight while I slave away on my homework here at the University, Anna is at home watching White Oleander with Zee. Hopefully I am done sometime before it’s too late to go visit her tonight, but at the speed this other machine is rendering, it looks like I might be here all night. The project I am working on is a portfolio of all my projects and therefore it’s going to take aproximately 1000 years to process the whole thing. I guess I could be studying for my music final in the meantime. Ok — that’s it for the update on Anna-Maria.

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